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  1. Good to hear. Yes. All of the 950 and 960 series are NVMe. I usually put the OS/apps on the NVMe drive to leverage performance and dump the data on spinning platters.
  2. Thanks very much for the responses. I had a suspicion the reason might be the cloud software but I wasn't sure the kind of size team that was at work and so didn't know exactly what to expect in terms of dev deadlines. For now I'll be sticking with DrivePool and hopefully something will happen in 2017/18? Alternatively I'll just use the scanner software with Windows storage spaces if things do go south. I do hope that you guys add in SSD compatability into the scanner software at some point as at the moment it doesn't seem to be able to read SMART info from e.g. Samsung 950 series SSD's.
  3. As a paying customer, i'm concerned by the complete lack of release stable updates over this extended period.The latest stable version which was released eons ago. I know there have been some subsequent betas into the 2.2.x range but as we all know, that means nothing if nothing actually gets released in some form of a reasonable time frame. If this software has been abandoned, please let us know so we can migrate to other solutions as no one in their right mind should be using software that doesn't receive at least semi-regular updates. No response to this post would also be worrying as it would indicate a lack of attention and concern on the forum and in-turn the software itself.
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