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  1. Going very very slowly - does look like it will end (sometime next century ) with it showing approx 46TB duplicated and free space of just 4 or 5TB - but it is agonisingly slow
  2. Why do you say that? This screenshot shows duplication (x2) of the Server Folders
  3. I guess I'd always used folder duplication from way back in WHS. I'm a bit worried that the duplication isn't working properly - you'll see from the screenshot below that although it says on the progress bar that "Duplicating" is at 44.2%, the total Duplicated files are only 3.75TB with Unduplicated being 41.0TB - does this make sense? Also, if, once duplication is finished, I change from Folder Duplication to Pool Duplication, is that possible and will it then make a duplicate of an already duplicated file (from it having been duplicated under the folder duplication process)? Any advice greatly received as my biggest concern is not to lose anything during this process.
  4. Not sure what has been going on but main reason this has come up is because of S.M.A.R.T. warnings on a number of disks in the pool and i am seeking to replace those with new drives. Anyway, it now looks like the pool is mostly unduplicated (and I've set duplication at folder level to x2). Only issue is that it seems to be taking forever - it has made it to 7.5% without crashing (touch wood), and the duplication is slowly increasing (been stuck at 7.5% for at least 8 hours but the amount of duplicated TB has increased - when screenshot was sone it was 1.21 TB and now is 1.22TB) - any way to speed it up or is it likely to be because of the metadata from my Plex Server? Screen shot below:
  5. Hi - screenshot attached.
  6. Thanks for replying, however I'm not sure that's right is it? I have a total pool of storage available at 97TB, free space of 15TB and total size of folders being stored on the pool is 41TB - this means the 41TB is being duplicated (ie 41 x 2 = 82TB). I also note that the Stablebit User Manual says: "StableBit DrivePool denotes the current file duplication level by showing you how many copies are currently being maintained on each pool. For example, x2 means that two copies of each file are being maintained, x3 means that 3 copies are maintained, etc..." What that statement says to me is that x1 makes one copy on another drive (duplication) and x2 makes "two copies" in addition to the original file. Maybe Drashna can confirm. Cheers
  7. I've removed a drive that I suspected was about to fail and now my pool shows [x] amount Duplicated and 3.7TB amount Unduplicated. I have more than 15TB free space in the pool however the 3.7TB will not duplicate. All folders in the pool are set to 1x duplication so how do I force the duplication of that unduplicated amount? Do I need to reset the balancing rules or is there something else I'm not doing right? Any help most appreciated.
  8. I've also started having this issue with Win 10 Pro and Drive Pool - just started today. Any help would be useful.
  9. I've recently added an external 4TB drive (USB 3.0) to the pool and not long after adding it I am having system shutdowns about once a week or so. This is the first 4TB drive I've added and the first on USB 3.0. Has anyone else had this issue? The system boots up fine and duplication is fine afterwards and then anywhere from 2-3 days to 10 days later I get the shut-down happening again. Home Server SMART 2013 says all disks are fine in the pool so I don't think it's that. Does DrivePool or WHS 2011 have an issue with 4TB drives or USB 3.0 connected drives? The issue may of course be unrelated to the 4TB drive but it is very co-incidental. Any help most appreciated and please let me know what further info you might need.
  10. Thanks Drashna, Couple of points - first, shadow copies on the pooled drive (z in my case) isn't/wasn't enabled and second, even if you take ownership, which I did, it is still not possible to delete the "storageconfiguration.xml" file. Anyway, everything is still working so thanks for the help. Cheers
  11. Hi Drashna, After closing down the Server for the third or fourth time it seems to have corrected itself and I'm not getting any further warning messages, but thanks for your help anyway . Cheers .
  12. Hi Drashna, Haven't got to the bottom of the unexpected shutdown, however I do have issues with the fix you describe. Nothing I do allows me to delete the "storageconfiguration.xml" file and when I went to the shawdow copies page all of the pooled drives were already disabled. Any further hints? Cheers
  13. For some reason my server (WHS 2011) shut down last night and when I started it up again this morning DrivePool checked the duplication and it showed a warning, which when I go into it says: "Duplication Warnings There were problems checking, duplicating or cleaning up one or more files on the pool. You can have DrivePool automatically delete the older file part in order to resolve this conflict. One or more duplicated files have mismatching file parts. one reason why this can happen is if something changed the duplicated file's parts directly on the pooled disk and not through the pool. This can happen if a disk was altered while it was missing from the pool. [i disn't alter anything]. You can resolve the conflicts manually by deleting the incorrect file part from the pooled disks. Files: \System Volume Information\storageconfiguration.xml File parts different" So I check the "Automatically resolve the file duplication mismatches by deleting the older file parts" check-box and click "Duplicate now" and the duplication gets to 100% and the same error comes up - I've run the fix a number of times and still the same error message. Does anyone know how to resolve this? Do I go into the System Volume Information folder on each drive and delete that .xml file [not sure that is easily achieveable according to some other googled info I've read]? Any help most appreciated.
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