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  1. If I reconnect them and then remove them, DrivePool will move the data off the drive and onto the remaining pool right? The rest of the pool doesn't have enough free space to absorb the data on the 5 drives from the external enclosure...
  2. I had to stop using an external enclosure containing 5 drives and now the pool is read-only with those 5 drives listed as missing. Have a few questions about how to proceed from here: 1. Can I remove the missing drives for now and keep using the smaller pool temporarily, then add the drives back later? 2. When I do add back the drives later, will there be any issues with folder directories? Or will everything be able to merge? Thanks in advance.
  3. Thanks for the suggestions guys. Good thing it was only 3TB, would have been a much bigger headache if it were a a larger drive. I guess nothing to do except slowly replace the lost files and think of a preventative solution for the future. Just wish drive prices would come down a bit.
  4. After using DrivePool for a number of years one of the drives finally died. Luckily everything I have is replaceable but the tricky part is figuring out what to replace as it's all TV shows and movies. Is there any way I can find out what is/was on each drive? I see the PowerShell thread stickied but unfortunately I don't visit the boards often so I didn't have that set up.
  5. WD Red 4TB actually. I have some other WD Red 3TB and 6TB disks that don't make the noise... Or possibly they do but I never heard them through the Fractal Design case
  6. I recently got an ORICO enclosure since I ran out of space in my case and after a browse around the forums it seems to be a brand that's recommended. Been using it for about 2 days now and everything works fine, transfer speeds are good (~140MB/s) but quite often it'll make a sound, not quite a "beep" but a low pitched noise. Is this normal? Just wanted to be sure I didn't get a dud or anything. If this is the normal operating noise I'll have to find a way to move it further away or something so it's not as noticeable.
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