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  1. britcowboy

    Read Striping

    I don't have an SSD write cache at the moment. I'm doing tests both with crystal and just copying large files to and from, and it's maxing out at 120mb/s (the speed of the disk), and hardly involving the other disk, showing in the performance ui as "hold" I'd want to see it in the mid to upper 100s if using both disks
  2. britcowboy

    Read Striping

    Hi, I have real time duplication enabled - so it should be on both, but either way if I leave it a bit it still is no faster (we're talking like 120 MB/s speed). Also, I know it's over gigabit speed (just) but I want to be futureproof, and enable the best speeds possible if I do get 10g on it in the future.
  3. britcowboy

    Read Striping

    Hi, I'm trying to get my head around Read Striping. In theory this should make it act a bit like a RAID 1 right, combining the two drives to get an improved read speed? I'm not expecting 2x read speeds, but at least 1.5x or so of one of the disks read speeds should make sense right? However when I run CrystalMark on Drivepool, I find that it's basically limited to the speed of one of the drives - why isn't it combining the two drives to get a read speed that's above the speed of one drive on it's own? I care more about read speed because I can always improve write speed with a SSD cach
  4. britcowboy

    Beta vs Stable

    Hi, I'm currently trialing Drivepool, I'm using the Stable version. I'm seeing some things which I have googled, such as read striping only seemingly reading from one disk so transfer maxes out at 120mb/s (when I'd expect faster), and these seem to be fixed in the beta. http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1438-testing-read-striping-win-10/page-2this topic is from 2015, so I assumed it was in the stable version by now - but unless I'm missing something it doesn't seem to be - from googling I can see that the current stable version was out in 2014! What does this mean fo
  5. I have 6 disks, so probably the reason! Do you know when a fix is due?
  6. Hi, I'm using the trial of Scanner. I've just put it on my new NAS i'm building, and when I click on Start Check, for about a minute the UI hangs and the window becomes "Not Responding" after a minute of so it wakes up and shows the progress of the scan. I'm guessing this isn't standard behaviour?
  7. Hi, I'm setting up a new NAS which I think will use Drivepool. I want to install Drivepool on my client machine for the sole purpose of connecting to this NAS and controlling the pool - do I need another license to do this, because it'll be acting as a client only, I have no intention of creating a drivepool on my client machine. Thanks
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