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  1. Good news, I seemed to have figured it out. I uninstalled Avast Antivirus and it was able to mount to my computer with no problems. Disabling the Antivirus didn't seem to help, I had to completely remove it. Looks like I will need to look elsewhere for antivirus. Do you know what antivirus programs do not conflict with CloudDrive? Maybe ESET, I never used to have problems with it, just got tired of paying for it.
  2. Thanks for your replies, but I am not having any luck with this. I am doing some experimenting in a simulated loss of the whole system scenario. I am getting major errors when I try to force attach the drive. Perhaps this is a bug? Either that or I am doing something terribly wrong. First I uninstalled CloudDrive from my server without detaching the drive first. I then removed all the CloudDrive folders in ProgramData, AppData, etc. to start fresh. I restarted the computer for good measure. I then reinstalled CloudDrive. I signed into my Google account and it shows my drive, I go click "at
  3. I'm looking at using CloudDrive for a secondary backup for my home server. I have been using Crashplan but I think this service would be more useful in some ways for my purposes. The main purpose of this backup would be to have one off site that I can recover from in case of a catastrophic system failure or natural disaster (I live right in the middle of Tornado Alley). My concern is, if I no longer have access to the system that the drive was attached to, because I won't be able to detach it, will I be able to attach it to a new system? Obviously, if I can't reattach it to a new system, this
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