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  1. velotro

    CloudDrive as backup

    Good news, I seemed to have figured it out. I uninstalled Avast Antivirus and it was able to mount to my computer with no problems. Disabling the Antivirus didn't seem to help, I had to completely remove it. Looks like I will need to look elsewhere for antivirus. Do you know what antivirus programs do not conflict with CloudDrive? Maybe ESET, I never used to have problems with it, just got tired of paying for it.
  2. velotro

    CloudDrive as backup

    Thanks for your replies, but I am not having any luck with this. I am doing some experimenting in a simulated loss of the whole system scenario. I am getting major errors when I try to force attach the drive. Perhaps this is a bug? Either that or I am doing something terribly wrong. First I uninstalled CloudDrive from my server without detaching the drive first. I then removed all the CloudDrive folders in ProgramData, AppData, etc. to start fresh. I restarted the computer for good measure. I then reinstalled CloudDrive. I signed into my Google account and it shows my drive, I go click "attach" and it prompts me that it is attached to another computer, I click "Force Attach". Then I put in my encryption key. This is where everything goes terribly wrong. After a minute or 2, Explorer crashes, I lose HTTP access to the Internet. I eventually get I/O errors in CloudDrive that it is having trouble uploading and downloading data to Google Drive. (This was not an issue with the original mounting) I never get to a point where the drive actually mounts, after about 20 minutes, it fails completely (Explorer and HTTP access come back) and it gives me the options to "Retry, Reauthorize, or Destroy". Some more information on my setup. I have a 300 down 30 up connection. I was able to get up to 28 Mbps when I uploaded the original data to the Drive. I created a 10 TB drive but it only had about 150 GB in it at the time of this experiment. I am using the latest version of CloudDrive This is all being done on Windows 10 Pro 64 bit.
  3. velotro

    CloudDrive as backup

    I'm looking at using CloudDrive for a secondary backup for my home server. I have been using Crashplan but I think this service would be more useful in some ways for my purposes. The main purpose of this backup would be to have one off site that I can recover from in case of a catastrophic system failure or natural disaster (I live right in the middle of Tornado Alley). My concern is, if I no longer have access to the system that the drive was attached to, because I won't be able to detach it, will I be able to attach it to a new system? Obviously, if I can't reattach it to a new system, this backup will be worthless. I am using it with Google Drive if that matters.
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