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  1. Hi It's been a week and I've not heard back from support. I added another drive and removed the faulty drive as suggested and I've now turned on my computer to install the replacement WD drives and see this..... Please can you help!
  2. Support request sent with logs.
  3. Oops. Picture added now.
  4. Many thanks for the advice. I'm not sure how I'd achieve that as I've not got any extra bays on my computer. Saying that I do have one 3TB external drive, and one 1TB one. If I added those, let it rebalance, then remove the faulty ones before taking them out, would that do it? On a slightly different note, I've just been to check my PC and it's coming up with a duplications warning. See attachment. Any advice on that and how it also relates to my problem?
  5. So if I remove the disks, Drivepool will do it automatically? Do I have to do anything first?
  6. I'm using Drivepool on my Windows 8 PC and currently have 4 2TB WD internal hard drives exclusively for data storage, and set up in 'duplicate' mode. Windows, and Stablebit Scanner are both telling me that one drive could die any moment, and another is on the way out. Thankfully, they're both still under warranty, and I've got an RMA from Western Digital, but I don't know how to go about taking out the drives and sending off (before waiting about 10 days to get replacements). Obviously I don't want to lose any data! All advice welcome. Thanks. (I've added a picture to show my set up)
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