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  1. When I push a file from the media computer to another one, it opens up fine locally. I believe the issue with copying files has been happening for a long time, but I was still able to stream media via the network until just recently. I have now removed all of the drives from the drive pool, re-installed StableBit, formatted all drives, and created a new drive pool. Still having the same issue.
  2. Sorry i should have mentioned that i checked that, but i don't have any antivirus or firewall settings on any of my computers. The file size is reported as being correct - the same as on the media box.
  3. Hi Guys, I am having a very strange issue with my DrivePool setup. I have DrivePool installed on a media box running Windows 8, 64 bit. DrivePool version: There are four 2TB disks in the pool. On it, i have a number of share folders, that i use to stream media from over the network. I can open the files on the local media box, but when accessing these shared files from another computer on the network, I am unable to execute any files, regardless of the file type. It will open the application, but nothing will happen. Ie. If i open a video in VLC, it won't play. If i open a notepad file, it will come up empty. It is not a permission issue, as i can browse the folders, and even edit the names of them. If i copy one of the files over the network to the local PC, it copies in about a second, no matter what size, and will not open locally either, same issue. I can access shared folders that are created on hard drives that are not part of the drive pool without any issues. I'm at a loss as to what the problem is.. Any ideas? Thanks!
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