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  1. The enclose is indeed set up as "Clean" or JBOD as it is more commonly known I believe. I use DrivePool to manage the space of the 6 drives I have in there at the moment. I have the enclosures connected using USB 3.0 but I have also tried 2.0 I cannot use eSATA as the silly little HP MicroServer does not support port multiplying
  2. Hi, Thanks for this but it made no difference, I am still not getting any SMART data.
  3. Hi I have a Sharkoon 5 Bay RAID Box and just bought a Sharkoon 8 Bay RAID Station. Problem is, I do not get any SMART info from the RAID Station. Scanner works just fine, detects the drives etc but it does not report any temps, age or SMART warnings/alerts. I did install the JMicron RAID tool, which also manages to see the drives Anyone have any ideas on what I could do?
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