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  1. charsi

    Errors on whs 2011

    Thanks, I have just installed that version. About the freezing issue that I am facing - From time to time my server hangs in a very weird way - I can explore the shared drives but if I try to copy anything off it will stall for 1-2 mins until the system recovers. If I try to RDP into the machine it won't work either. But if I am already connected I can launch task manager to see the cpu isn't being used much. I have cleaned the CPU fan and ruled out heating issues. This started happening recently after installing drive scanner. But I also installed a bunch of windows updates so one of
  2. charsi

    Errors on whs 2011

    While trying to figure out why my server has started freezing recently I came across the following error messages in the Event log. I am not sure the issue is related so far but would like to know what the error messages mean-- Error: (01/04/2017 06:03:02 PM) (Source: StableBit Scanner) (User: ) Description: Exception: CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter+ReporterLogException: {reporter_exception} at CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter.ThrowLogReportN(Exception TheException, Object[] TheParams) at CoveUtil.ErrorReporting..(Exception ) Error: (01/04/2017 06:03:02 PM) (Source: StableBit Scanner) (Use
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