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  1. Yep, I know, there is only security for one failed drive. This is why I already thought about using Storage Spaces for Dual Parity, but this would drop the whole feature set of DP. In my whole life I have suffered only 2 failed drives. One due to a head crash caused by a speaker dropping on my pc while it was working and the other one I mentioned. I may have been lucky but the one The existing array consists of 4 disks and the new would also consists of 4 drives. This is due to the limitations of the enclosures. The single disks are internal and these arrays could consist of 3 dri
  2. Thank you for your post. I did not mean the general information on RAID and stuff itself, but in the concrete use here in drivepool I've already read the other thread, but was unsure on applying it to my situation. But I understand the loss of functions when RAID is used. So the Scanner can not make use of the SMART information. And in case it should evacuate the drive this would effectively concern the whole array and thus leads to more free space required. My current situation is: - 1x 12 TB RAID5-Array - 2x Single 2TB disks - 2x Single 3TB disks My plan was/is: -
  3. Hi, I am about to extending my pool with a new set of drives. In the past I moved from drive bender to this because 1 drive died / got stuck and I wanted to take advantage of the Scanner. So my current setup is a bunch of single disks and a RAID5 pool to prevent data loss of one drive, all added to one pool. I am now asking myself if it is still clever with drivepool and the scanner in place to build a second RAID5 drive with the new drives and add it to the pool or to keep it as a bunch of disks and rely on the scanner? Is there any advantage / disadvantage in using RAID5
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