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  1. I copied it to a new folder in the root of the 2nd Google Drive account then moved the folder into the Stablebit Clouddrive folder retaining the original folder name.  Of course, so far there is no reason to do this since stablebit can't read the cloned folder from a different Google Account.

    I hope this is a feature that they add, as I have a few tb's of movies sitting on a drive that I have no access to  :(

  2. I had just moved them around in disk management to put them in a more logical order.


    When I was clicking through the list of drives in CloudDrive they both said F.


    The one I wanted has now unmounted, and isn't coming up in the list of mountable drives.


    The space used on google drive says the data is still all there, its just not linking up.

  3. I'm having the same issue.


    I have about 5 drives set up, and I'm lucky if 3 are ever mounted at one time.


    Because its uploading data I have no way to remount except to reboot, which i fear will end in corruption.

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