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  1. Yes, that's exactly what I'm looking for. Didn't know UnRAID offered it. Unfortunately, I need a Windows based solution. So let's say that I want to do this folder selection and copying manually (just copying folders around using Windows explorer), completely outside of DirvePool control or knowledge. Can DrivePool be used simply as a tool to combine the folder structures of all my individual drives under a single drive letter or path? I don't want it to do any balancing or management at all and leave all files where they are. Can it combine any folders with same root name from eac
  2. Looking at the documentation, I thought that the placement rules only apply to a post-processing balancing operation? Meaning that when I first copy the folder into the pool, the contents would be scattered across all drives and only consolidated later on to a single drive during some kind of optimization pass. Also regarding the rules themselves, wouldn't I need to create a separate rule for every single movie title folder? I have over 200 movies. Or is there a way to create a rule that is smart enough to realize all files under a single BDMV folder need to be in a single drive regardless
  3. I'm considering setting up DrivePool but have a few questions before I try the product. My NAS currently has about 8 drives full of BDMV Bluray disc backups. Each drive has a Movies folder which contains individual folders for each movie using the movie title as folder name. In each movie's folder there is a BDMV folder containing the movie's files and folders for menus, extras, and parts for branching titles. As an example, it looks like Movies->Title->BDMV->Random_Movie_Files_and_Folders. 1) When you play a single movie, it may access several files over the course of the
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