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  1. Well they "stick" until next reboot, then I have to run WSS troubleshooter again in order to see the shares from my client machines. I will try your steps this afternoon after work, ~16.00 CET Per
  2. Hello, I cloned my system disk to a new install, and most things went well. Except, after reboot there are no shares (all on pool) exported Then I run the WSS Troubleshooter and the share are exported correctly to my clients, though the Dashboard says the shares are still missing and gives a critical error. And it seems the shares stick until next reboot. thanks in advance Per
  3. Sorry false alarm, now it works after I re-entered my license, both Scanner and DriverPool. regards Per
  4. Ok, I followed your steps but still the same, but now my license key is not pre-entered (guess they are in the settings). I have uploaded the error logs. regards Per
  5. Hello, I have cloned my old WHS to new hardware and trying to transfer my license. I deactivated on the old hardware, and the clicked "Start license transfer..." License transfer seems to be OK: But still it doesn't seem to be activated: Same goes for StableBit Scanner. I've tried to reboot. How do transfer my license successfully? Thanks in advance Per Edit: Sorry wrong forum, but the same problem for Scanner, so I guess it's relevant anyway.
  6. Well, checking again after work, the warning has came up again for the third time, with the same files as previous both times. New log files uploaded. Per
  7. It did come back the other day. And it was the same two files as before. But I solved it the same way as the first time. Next time I'll let you know and upload the logs. Per
  8. By ticking the "Automatically resolve file duplication..." checkbox and then "Duplicate now" resolved the warning. Thank you for your support. Per
  9. No I have never duplicated folder \Server\Videos. Log files are uploaded. Per
  10. More info: Browsing through the event logs, I noticed these two errors: 1. The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk9\DR2871. 2. The driver detected a controller error on \Device\Harddisk7\DR7. I guess the errors could be related to the DP warnings? Per
  11. Hello, I have duplication warnings on 2 files residing in a unduplicated folder tree. What does that mean? How should I resolve this warning? This is on on WHS2011. Thanks in advance Per
  12. Sorry for late answer, sudden vacation came up. Thanks for looking into this. Per
  13. Reading through your answer again I realized you wanted the hardware Id for the controller, and by looking on the disk's parent, as in: I think I identified the correct USB Mass Storage Device as in: Is that what you wanted me to find out? Per
  14. Same result for both methods,ScsiPassthrough and ScasiPassthrough48, empty S.M.A.R.T Attributes list. Couldn't really find the disk with your method. I get the following view from "devmgmt.msc": But if I select the disk from the default view, and select properties I get these hardware Id's; Are they the ones you are asking for? Per
  15. Further information: When I retrieve the S.M.A.R.T Attributes list I get the following output: Smart attributes for device: 9 Version: 0 Offline data collection status: NeverStartted Self-test execution status: PreviousCompletedNoErorrOrNoTestRun Self-test percent remaining: 0 To complete off-line data collection: 00:00:00 Off-line data collection capability: 0 SMART capability: 0 Error logging capability: False Short self-test polling time: 00:00:00 Extended self-test polling time: 00:00:00 Conveyance self-test polling time: 00:00:00 Attributes: 0 Checksum valid: True Doesn't look that promising? Per
  16. Yes it is the same USB controller (since it is the same cabinet/case?) So you think the controller doesn't work with disks > 2TB, well perhaps. Anyway here is a screenshot of the DirectIoTest app with USB option checked. It seems that it is receiving S.M.A.R.T data OK? thanks for looking into this. BTW querying the 2TB disk in the same case, I get identical output except for S.M.A.R.T Error log is supported. Per
  17. Well, bringing up an old thread with my problems. I resigned and accepted that my Seagate 4TB was not offering S.M.A.R.T data through the controller. But yesterday I ripped a Seagate 2TB Expansion disk from it casing and put into my USB 3 cabinet and Stablebit Scanner is pulling S.M.A.R.T data from that disk with no problem. It is the 2 bottom disk in attached screenshot: Why can't Stablebit Scanner get S.M.A.R.T data from the 4 TB disk? Thanks in advance Per
  18. I replaced a 2 TB disk and my pool had to be re-duplicated, and it took ages. But asking/looking in this forum a found a DP config file setting that would let the duplication process run with higher priority, Sorry I don't remember the settings name, but search the forum. Then the duplication ended within hours. So I think default priority is too low. regards Per
  19. I have the disk in an external SSI SI-1359RUS3 5 bay chassi which have a JMicron JMB539/JMB393 controller and I have it connected through USB3.. I will try your suggestions and get back with results. Per Your config file did not make any difference, unfortunately. I have attached a screenshot of the DirectIoTest-1_0_5016_597.exe output. I looks as I could get SMART data, or? Per
  20. I've just bought and installed one of them, but no SMART statistics. I only get non-manufacturer specific output (none in fact) from Stablebit Scanner. I have enabled UnsafeDirectIo in the config file, but no change. Is the disk supported? If not, will it be supported? thanks in advance Per
  21. Hello a couple a days ago I got a Stablebit Scanner warning of unreadable sectors of one of my disks. I removed it without recreating duplicates My pool became rather full. And since then "Duplicating" in the GUI seems stuck on ยจ1.6%. I found this in the DrivePool service log: DrivePool.Service.exe Warning 0 [FileBalance] Cannot balance. Requested critical only. 2013-12-08 23:59:58Z 312757235620 I know my pool is nearly full, and I plan to extend it with 4 TB. Will duplication finish when I extend my pool? Should I concern? DrivePool version on WHS 2011 thanks in advance Per
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