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  1. I like the idea - I did a mod to that effect, but I used a small power supply to power 6 drives, I ran out of power connector from my HDD and didn't want to use y-power connectors. With the supply you're using, did you set it up so when you power on it starts. or do you have a separate switch for it ?- I ran 2 pins from the new supply (green and black) to the main supply so when the main powers up the smaller powers on - power down is the same. I like it alot. Well done
  2. I myself have 4 of the 8tb seagate drives - I too had a lot of concern about the type of drive and how it works, with the SMR format (lack of better word). From what I have found all over the net is - As long it is mainly used to access the files, all should be ok. you will have slow write speed. seems to me, the read speed is ok. BUT I was warned not to use it like a desktop drive. i.e. read and write all the time . that's all the advice I could find. So far I haven't had any problems and i've had the drive for 11 months (Not long).
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