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  1. Thank you. You are very helpful. I have been a PC user for more than 30 years - Dos 3.30 IIRC (but not taken it further technically than to the level of an experienced user) and I have never come across anything like the customer service of Covecube - first Alex, now you. You understand the issues raised and respond to the point, promtly. I have been in the computer community since 1972, both on the customer and vendor side, so I should have a fair foundation for my assessment. Great products and great customer service. Finn
  2. Frankly, I don't know for sure. I did not do this in a structured way, but I had ticked "Never scan file system automatically" and "Never scan surface automatically" for some disks. These are now blank. One issue, though: how do I schedule a manual/individual scan?
  3. It is OK now. I did some twists and now all disks are reported healthy.
  4. I have a 16 disk setup. With default settings on scanning 3 of the disks never go to completion (months). Status remains on 41,3%, 59,8, etc. I get warnings (cul-de-sac?) that they have never been checked for problems and that "at least one file system has not....". I have tried to find a way to perform an indiviual/manual scan on the indicated disks, but cannot spot the settings for that. And the disks are not dynamic (LOL). Otherwise life is dancing and tomorrow is our National Day!
  5. hauge48

    What is going on?

    Everything is in place now. Thank you so much. If you will indulge me: what is meant by seeding, unseeding, reseeding a disk? English is not my first language and I only know seeding from the torrent world.
  6. hauge48

    What is going on?

    Almost there, I think. The EaseUS tool worked after some guidance from tech support. DP has taken the disks into the pool directly, but also report 3 of them in the Non-Pooled list. Trying to add them into the pool gives error about adding the same disk into the pool, reasonably so. I also get a duplication warning, but DP says it can sort that out. What to do with the disks that both are and are not in the pool at the same time? (Heard of Schrødinger's cat?). And you were right: the failing drives were probably some left-overs from the conversion. The have been removed from Disk Management n
  7. hauge48

    What is going on?

    I have used EaseUS Partition Master to convert from 4 out of 5 dynamic disks to basic. DrivePool sees them and data seem intact. The fifth disk is formatted as GPT (3TB) and on requesting converson of that disk I get the following message: EFI/MSR partition will be lost after conversion if they exist on GPT disk. Do you want to continue? In Windows Disk Management there is no mentioning of such partitions - but if removed will that have any impact on DP operation? Also, Disk Management reports the converted disks as Logical drives, not Primary Partition as the rest - does this have any im
  8. hauge48

    What is going on?

    Dead on. Dynamic, not Basic as the rest of the disks. I make backup of my C:drive weekly with Acronis. Will a restore of last week's backup be the easiest way out?
  9. hauge48

    What is going on?

    Hello, I seem to have messed up things here and don't understand what is going on, not to speak of how to get out of the mess. I have about 30TB of space and 8 TB free. Everything is duplicated. It started when I extended the volumes in Disk Management to make use of unallocated space. The volumes are solely for data, so I ignored the warning that I could not boot from them after extending. The volumes were transformed from Primary partition to Simple volumes. DP reports the disks as missing. I thought I just remove the disks, reformat them and bring them back into the pool. Pre
  10. Exactly the same experience. Relates to Scanner.UI.exe. I have reported it to AVAST as a false positive and they respond that it will be fixed in the next update, if the assumption is correct.
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