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  1. Hi, I've recently had to rebuild my pool due to a some hard drive failures and decided that I would try to setup a Hierarchical Pool. As my replacement drives are new I only want to use them for duplicate data from the main Pool and non-critical data. So I created 3 pools, 1 parent and 2 children shown below. Now 1. I want to duplicated my files from the main pool to the first child Pool 1.1 so I use the ordered file placement plugin to drive that. 2. Some files I want to duplicate everywhere so I set their parent folder to duplicate x3 so that the duplicates get pushed from Drive 1 to Pool 1.1 & Pool 1.2. In the child Pool 1.1 I set the same folder to duplicate x2 to duplicate across drives 2 & 3. Then finally in Pool 1.2 I set the pool duplication to x2 to replicate from Drive4 to Cloud Drive5 and use the drive limiter so that only duplicates are created on the cloud drive5 3. Lastly I created a root folder in my main pool where I do not need duplication. I use the file placement rules to always send this data to pool 1.1 as I want to keep Drive1 free for important files. All this is shown in the configuration table below. On my child pools everything seems fine and I get no warnings or errors. My main issue is on the Parent Pool, that when the pool Balances I get the following message, And in the file placement setting I see the following message. I also see this in the main UI showing the target for the next Balance, but i am unsure where its calculating this from. As far as I can tell, everything is actually operating as I expect but I dont understand what I am seeing. Can someone help me with understanding what I am seeing before I start to refill the drives? Thanks in Advance, T. Drivepool Ver. CloudDrive Ver. O.S. WHS 2011
  2. Hi, I have been longtime user of Drivepool so I decided I would trial CloudDrive to see if it would be useful to me. First I tested it with Onedrive but I kept getting an error with formatting the drive. So then I switched to Onedrive For Business but ran into the same issue. Finally I tested it with Google drive which finally worked for me. So I did some digging on the forum for the issue and i came across the tread http://community.covecube.com/index.php?/topic/1759-unable-to-create-a-new-drive-in-windows-10/?p=12303 So I went back to check my settings when creating the Drive and the only option available is 4K or 512 sector size. Finally I decided to try to manually format the drive but this time I used 8192 bytes and suddenly it started working. I am currently using clouddrive BETA on Windows 7 Enterprise. R, Trev.
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