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  1. Just to add, from a thread on the CloudDrive forum it seems external drives will not be allowed for cache in future - so the full size cache for the "big" drive is not an option. This could end up being, use GDrive + insync + encfs and no Stablebit at all. Not a complaint, as my use case is definitely a bit off the menu, but disappointing.
  2. I'm using DrivePool to try and get the "best of both worlds". This is with two different drive setups. "Big" setup - very large external local storage with 2x data matched to a large cloud drive. With this setup, my goal is fast local access all the time while at home, while still having slower cloud-based access when traveling. "Light" setup - small local storage with 2x data matching to a small cloud drive. Here I am just using the mirroring to protect against drive failure. Though I would also like the local mirror to be useable when I am offline, such as on a plane. -- Simply using a cloud drive with a full-size cache would probably also meet the "big" requirements, albeit without the 2x backup. Using the cloud drive with a full-size cache also means I can't access files while offline. However, removing drives that are active in a pool seems to be not recommended so switching from "home" to "travel" requires that I remove the external drive and cloud drives from their pools. Then the internal "cloud drive" on local storage still is accessible. Is anyone trying to do something similar? I am curious what others' setups are. Worst case, the small drive solution could instead be to use encfs over locally a synced Google Drive folder. The large drive could then use a full-size cache on the external and failover with a rebuilt smaller internal drive cache - though I wouldn't want to do that often.
  3. I am running CloudDrive with Google and a few other cloud services. I just noticed I have a '.xps' file on my desktop for each of these. These are real files, not just shortcuts. They look something like this: OneDrive - 500 GB (20161106224312Z).xps Is it safe to delete these? If not, is it possible to relocate them somewhere else than the Desktop?
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