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  1. I kinda figure out how to remove the duplicates.. 1. Look for which folde Drivepool Error is pointing to 2. Delete the content of that folder to recycle Bin 3. Ctrl + Z but choose to skip the same file/folder, drivepool can resume measuring that part But now there's one folder i cant figure out, Have deleted the files inside it, and ctrl + z but there was no duplicates, delete the troubled folder but drivepool is still detecting it Any idea how to solve this one?
  2. Could you tell me what is supposed to be the name of "removed" in \ANIMASI\Animasi_F-J\{removed}\poster.jpg? There's only 91 folders in ANIMASI\Animasi_F-J\, i search through all of them and only found 1 poster.jpg in each folders (required for Kodi) tried using grepwin which supports case sensitive searching but found nothing. Or could you advice what tools should i use to track down these duplicates? Maybe it has something to do with my migration from ubuntu? The error in my prev post was suddenly gone after i reboot it, i suspected it was because debugging mode. Also there was another strange bug (?) some of my movies are mysteriously gone, only the folders remains, i noticed this while searching through poster.jpg. I also saw this like 2 months ago but i thought it was because of me being reckless Is there any known Drivepool bug related to this problem?
  3. Well explorer is practically not working now, there's only a spinning search button on my PC i must wait for early morning before i can reboot the server Please advice, is it safe to rollback to prev stable version chris? and which one is the latest stable? Got this when i tried to dopwngrade to the latest stable from download page. should i disable drivepool service first?
  4. Hmm also chris, i think this version is unstable and often lock files randomly, which is the latest stable version before this? I'm not sure what that is but there's a spinning search icon on some of my drives Tried restarting explorer but i can't expand or access the drives now.. only a spinning search icon on "This PC" Maybe there's a delayed process or something..
  5. Still got same error, right after reboot, Already uploaded the logs through here http://wiki.covecube.com/StableBit_DrivePool_2.x_Log_Collection
  6. Just re-measured it again, and yes still same error Paged pool and nonpaged pool didnt increase much during re-measuring process..
  7. Thanks for testing it Chris, managed to solve it with this http://fixmyitsystem.com/2013/12/QOS01.html?m=1 Looking forward for the new version then
  8. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dn467373.aspx
  9. Nope, still at x1, high smb speed causing overtraffic for our bandwidth... Have to figure out a way to limiit it somehow
  10. So i can assume my problem will be fixed next version? Also i have another question... does drivepool override smbbandwidthlimit? I set the bandwidthlimit on win serv to 10MBps.. but copying from the share still gives me 30MBps
  11. Trying to figure out what went wrong here.. 1. had another empty 8tb so i copied the content of troubled drive there, (i added it to pool before) 2. remove troubled drive from pool > both options checked > failed, error: access denied 3. made the drive offline 4. added the folders in new drive to poolpart so they are in correct structure 5. re-measure the pool > same error insufficient API, but this time on different drive But the new drive was successfully measured.. So could it be because the pooled drive had an existing content before i added it to pool? Would it be possible to setup remote session for my problem Chris ? been waiting almost a month to be honest i really could use the balancing feature edit ; 6. had to undo all this, apparently drivepool already spread my data so some datas were missing when the troubled disk was offline
  12. No solution yet ? does this require a change in drivepool code or simply a config problem from my server? I really want this to work though..
  13. Done, http://stablebit.com/Contact/2502469
  14. All drives are healthy, just finished scanning. But drivepool still can't measure it Exact same error... please help me with this..
  15. 4 drives left.. sure takes a while, probably gonna be finished in 2 days.. I got 1 drive suspended because temperature equalization, will it auto-resume once other drives are completed? Already disable temp equalization as suggested on other thread..
  16. No fix yet for this? Running sonarr and one of my hdd is almost full.. Edit : running full version of Scanner now, it did pick up a file system damage on one of the drives, which is odd because chkdsk didnt find it, Scanning all drives now, will re-measure again after that, hopefully it'll work
  17. Unfortunately, no chris, Tried the regedit and this Remove-SmbBandwidthLimit But it's still throwing same error I did limit the smb bandwidth a while ago to reduce network load. But before that Drivepool already failed measuring my pool
  18. Ok thanks christopher.. I tried moving the troubled file but it gave the same error again on the same drive My library is sorted alphabetically.,, Yesterday the error was on "B" subfolder, this time, it's in "D" subfolder chkdsk doesnt show anything strange, one of my hdd is almost full.. so i really could use the balancing feature..
  19. nope, still got same error after i ran those 2 commands, already submitted the logs via troubleshooter, please have a look.. thanks
  20. I got this error, odd cause the machine has 32 GB ram
  21. i dont think the balancing is working either?
  22. Thanks, trying it now and will monitor if it still happens.. Btw i'm also getting "statistics are incomplete" From googling several topics i have to remeasure it.. Is it safe for the data? the server is still online currently
  23. So is this an expected behaviour or something?
  24. Update : finished setup my new server.. just few things i noticed, network share initial access from windows 7 client is rather slow.. theres a 5 sec delay roughly.. already check the option to fast I/O or something.. any idea why? Note : performance isnt an issue, i get 80 mbps copy from my server.. only browsing is sometimes lagging, cant always reproduce the lag, but it always happens first time accessing network share after client boots
  25. Ok.. in progress now.. will post if there's any problem.. thanks for the input guys!
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