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  1. It's definitely the scanner cause the moment i uninstalled it the problem was gone. Is there anyway to force file system repair during next boot? I don't see it on the options. I have to ignore this for now until the next reboot
  2. Yeah some drives were having file system damage or something, that's why i ran file system repair, that's what locked it then? I''m rma ing the SMART error drive and replace it with new one this means i have to spend some maintenance time to fix the file system damage drives... Or.. is it safe to just ignore them?
  3. I just bought and installed Scanner this morning on my ISCSI ccboot server which is used to serve diskless clients. Strangely when the scanner is running, or maybe the service is active, ISCSI clients have the drive locked and cannot be accessed. There's even 1 client that fails to boot, ccboot relies on multiple disks on server and each have their own function Is there any known conflict with iscsi programs? I uninstalled scanner and things go back to normal, so it's definitely has something to do with it, and it's the only program i add to the server today NB ; there were some drives that's giving me file system damaged and SMART warning and i tried to fix them I think it may have something to do with fixing these drives is it safe to ignore file system damage? I'm getting this log from ccboot :
  4. It says volume is busy, should i force repair? "Forcing a repair will forcefully close any file open on the volume being repaired"
  5. Yeah, ok, i will try that once scanning is done. It found another issue though, file system damaged, should i ignore this or should i remove and chkdsk?
  6. Thanks, seems to work, but i found a scanner bug i think,
  7. One of my drives is showing smart warning, and i'm gonna RMA it and now i'm buying a new drive, just wanna make sure this is correct procedure, 1. Insert new drive to rack 2. Add new drive to pool 3. Remove bad drive pool from DP 4. Remove bad drive from rack Is that it? did i miss anything?
  8. So you're saying you use S for drivepool then your drives are in NTFS folders? This is what i meant, then i guess the best way to do this is to have drivepool mapped to Z drive, then the rest of the drives mounted in NTFS folders inside C:\DrivePool\?
  9. Hmm something strange just happened, my server reboots (not sure why i think Teamviewer crashed it), before reboot Drivepool was using N letter after reboot Drivepool changes it drive letter to O, and the new drive is suddenly mounted to N. My shares were gone, so i had to reorder the drive letters Kinda makes me wonder whats the best way to use NTFS mount points + drivepool and prevent something like this? Or maybe at least can i lock drivepool's drive letter somehow?
  10. Sorry i meant this just wondering if its safe to move it to drivepool or back it up in case my C is screwed
  11. So i mount my new hdd with mount points, and i put it on C which is reserved for OS.. few questions.. 1. Can i move the mount point file to drivepool partition? 2. what if my C got corrupted? can i restore the mount point somehow?
  12. desktop.ini is indeed a virus, other AV is reporting the same.. Earlier this morning some of the folders changed its permission again.. and the shortcut virus is back.. e.g : correct permission should be : Everyone, admin and client the infected folders have extra permission from system, authenticated users , and users not sure if its cause i forgot to fix the permssion on those folders, or something else chenged them, but i'm pretty sure i made the parent folder inherited the correct permissions It's not as much folders as the last time though.. hopefully it's just me forgetting to change the permssion, will monitor again..
  13. Now i know whats probably causing it. See like i said I'm sharing it with local diskless clients, and some of those clients have personal data that is saved even after reboot. Now this personal data is probably infected with virus. So i test one of the infected folders from client side. And surprisingly, the client can create a text document inside that folder! But deleting the text file requires admin account and was halted immediately, and strangely after a while text file is gone.. I double check the security and it's definitely shared with a standard account, and it doesnt have write permission. I tested the other folder that's not infected and it refuses to write anything prompting "destination folder access denied" So the writable folder is causing security hole... is this related with drivepool somehow? Edit, attached is the permission difference between writable folder (veep) and read only folder (vinyl) It seems like there's extra users for the writable folders.. I could probably remove those users, but problem is some new folders also have this writable behavior.. Edit : i changed the whole pool permission inheritance and seems like the shortcut virus arent back.. yet
  14. Ok i just scanned my drives with nod32 and found 300 viruses. But the next day it found them again, through the poolpart instead the normal path to the drives.. So i was wondering, could one of drivepool features actually bring back the viruses? i'm using balancing feature btw
  15. Asking this cause i was hit by a 2010 shortcut virus... My server is shared for public usage to a number of clients so the source might be from infected thumbdrives.. but i cant understand how can it affects read-only smb shares.. does drivepool alter smb share security or is this a known win server 2012 r2 security hole? Hopefully its the later, I have followed a guude to clean it. But its still kinda worries me if it happens again.. anyone know a fix or patch?
  16. Yeah can confirm it's safe. And i Finally figured out the cause... my new drive has shorter length than the older ones.. no wonder it didn't detect it cause it's not even plugged in! never new they had different size though.. i moved the caddy screw higher and now it's working
  17. "You shouldn't" meaning it's not safe? yeah tried almost everything, tested yesterday without drives plugged in, turns out there's no zoning Card is made in chinese so i'm refunding it and getting the US one (albeit twice more expensive) Wanted to debug it further but im held back by windows' tool limitation..
  18. Hi, i need to access my jbod under linux to check zoning possibility.. cause strangely my hgst 4u60 is limiting the drives to 11. Ive tried lsi 9300 8e and dell sc8000 and both cant detect 12th drive, a 8tb red wd. But i can move around drives in my jbod as long as its under 11. Unfortunately i cant find any equivalent alternative for smp_utils under windows. So im gonna have to boot up ubuntu and access the jbod rack.. question is, is this safe for drivepool once i get back to windows? Cause if i recall i had permission issues when going back and forth with ubuntu and windows.. cant risk my data for this. Thanks
  19. Ok I've used it, but i'm not sure it does its job correctly though.. This is using "Equalize by free space remaining"
  20. Hi, one of my drives is almost full, but there's almost 1TB left in my pool How exactly do i make the balancing file work? I tried volume equalization but it doesn't seem to balance the drives.. this is after vol equalization : I'm still getting full disk warning and failed torrent download
  21. Sorry for bumping an old thread, but i think i'm experiencing this as well chris. Was looking for a movie earlier this morning. But I couldn't find it despite kodi listing the movie, and the utorrent has the file downloaded So i redownloaded it again in utorrent Strangely when i try to move the file to the exact same path, the movie reappears! .. and prompt me if i want to replace the same file or not... Drivepool is the latest version 2.20 742 beta
  22. I'm accessing the library from another machine using Kodi, I'd thought Kodi can only see driveletters, i read in their forum it could also read UNC paths, guess gotta give it a try first
  23. I was looking for a solution to get past windows' 26 letter limitation for shortcut then i read about dfs. Any known problem using both dfs and drivepool? I read this and was wondered about the bug status now http://forum.covecube.com/discussion/comment/888/ Also..anyone know if dfs the best way if we want to work with kodi and more than 26 drive letters?
  24. Could you point me to which part it stucks like you did last time? it's almost finished measuring, like 98-99% as of removing hdd, last time i did that the data was scattered or something, is there a removal hdd wiki somewhere? And i can't have it removed for too long thats why i prefer "juggling" the data like this
  25. Already uploaded the logs chris, please check where it's stuck. thanks
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