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  1. Current goal is to use cloud-drive with cloud pool, when I make a pool with two 100TB drives with duplication on it shows that I have 200TB Free when in reality it should be 100 since it will be making two copies of everything right? Is there a way to make it to where it will only show 100Tb while duplication is on? I was also wondering if there was a way to not have my cloud drives mounted to a drive letter but also have them in a drive pool?
  2. Hyd

    Optimal Plex settings?

    I was wondering if anyone had any optimized Clouddrive Drive settings that they use to get the most out of plex streaming. Like chunk size, download threads, and prefetching options.
  3. So I would like to mount my google drive did the encrypted option, set it to 50TB just for giggles and it seem to take it just fine, my issue was that it looked like it was uploading 50 TB of nothing to set up the drive? Does it do that for not encrypted drives also, I can't really swing that much initial bandwidth all at once if so
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