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  1. zune70

    cant detach drive

    Hi there Im currently trying to reformat my computer due to my main drive where windows is install is going bad. I have another drive that i use to cache stablebit clouddrive with that I am planning on installing windows too so I need to detach my drive for the time being until i finish installing windows again. My problem is when I try to detach my drive I get access denied, Does anyone know a fix for this or is it safe for me to uninstall stablebit from my computer right now so I could use that drive to install windows back on. im running version 858 release version
  2. zune70

    unusual activity

    Guess ill need to check this out and see if thats the only cause. Thanks for the info ill check this out once I turn back on my computer
  3. zune70

    unusual activity

    I don't believe so. Is that what Can that cause issues? I didnt have any problems before in December and January that i notice. I have upload versification turned off.
  4. zune70

    unusual activity

    Im using version 787 at this time and I know its an outdated version and ill be upgrading to a newer version but Just this past 24 hours around 3 to 6 am, my clouddrive had used 17.1 gb while no one was using it at that time. I mainly use my drive for plex where I have an physical harddrive that video files are stored on if it is new and it would stay there for a while and then I would upload it to my cloud drive hard drive in the future. I would see my cloud drive prefetch data sometimes out of nowhere when I wouldn't be accessing a file from there at that time . the last time I watch a video from could drive was 4 days ago but even then it was a 200mb or less. I wanted to know if anyone else has this problem too where it would just randomly use this much data when it haunt been used by anyone in a while with the newer versions. I have Comcast and have a 1tb data cap and only have less than 100gb left for the month so the more data I can save the better. I want to know if this is just my issue or anyone else noticing this too with the newer versions too. Im using google drive on windows 10 home.
  5. Thanks for the reply. just sent the file. Yea all my data seems to be find but when it happened, clouddrive had to upload all the data I uploaded for that day which was 60+gb. Just trying to solve this problem before next month when i'll have a 1tb cap from my internet provider
  6. Hi there new to this service and im liking it but I have a problem. I just uploaded around 60gb of data to my clouddrive and restarted my computer after it was done uploading. When I turned on the computer back on, everything was fine there was nothing being uploaded and no errors. I then proceeded to upload 24gb more to my cloud drive and about 10gb in I got an error saying that were the file was going on the clouddrive was unavailable and the copying of files from my computer to the clouddrive stopped. I had about 8.5 gb left to upload of whatever went through but my upload speed was at 0 and stayed like that so I restarted the computer. When I booted back up I had to recover my drive which took some time so when I woke up back I saw that my cloud drive had to upload over 60gb of data back. Anyone know what I had to do that. also whats the recommend time for everything to be uploaded to clouddrive without uploading back if I have to remount it back in the future or there isn't a set time. Im running on version beta on windows 10 home 1607 OS Build:14393.321. Im using google drive as my cloud provider.
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