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  1. Thanks for the reply. I'm using 2.1.561. That's a good thought about the files still being in use, but I don't know if that's it. The files are generally video downloads through Sabnzbd and are moved onto the pool by Sonarr. As I mentioned, a manual remeasure causes the files to instantly turn into unduplicated files and the rebalancer kicks in.
  2. I'm using Stablebit Drivepool 64 (non-beta) on Win 64 with the SSD optimizer. (Great product by the way!) I've got a single SSD for the optimizer and 5 archive drives. I'm running into an issue where files copied into the pool are properly being written to the SSD but they are marked as grey "Other" files. (Note - these files are copied into the pool, not directly onto the SSD.) Because these are other files, the automatic balance doesn't trigger and they just sit on the SSD. A manual remeasure will properly turns these grey "Other" files on the SSD into light blue unduplicated files and properly triggers the balancer. Any help on why this is occurring, and how I can have the files copied into the pool properly marked as light blue unduplicated files rather than "Other" files? Thanks in advance!
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