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  1. @Christopher

    Could you add an option (per drive) which forces CloudDrive to keep the disk mounted (with drive letter), because dismounting breaks other applications.

    I understand that Windows may slow down significantly if the cloud provider does not respond to requests, but it's worse if you have to re-check a torrent of 1 TB because the disk just unmounted..

  2. Both of these crashes are a "PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA" bugcheck which indicates a memory or hardware error. 


    It also looks like you're using VMWare to host the VM for this. So running a memory test on the host system may be a good idea. 


    Regardless, I've flagged the dumps for Alex, so we can take a closer look at them, in case they do indicate an issue.




    The BSODs only happen since the version which included the new Drive API keys.

    Nevertheless, I will perform a memtest

  3. Hi there,


    I am using StableBit CloudDrive BETA with Google Drive as provider.

    There is heavy disk traffic to the Google Drive mounted drive. For example, I let qBittorrent check a torrent of 100GB.


    This results in a automatic Windows restart (probably a BSOD) every few hours with Windows showing an error after logging in that the OS crashed.



    Windows Server 2012 R2

    StableBit CloudDrive BETA

    1 Gbit/s uplink (Hetzner DC)

    Google Drive business account


    - Calvin



    PS: This seems to happen:



  4. Hi there,


    I have been using StableBit CloudDrive for around a month on a dedicated server.

    The upload speed is always between 0 and 200 Mbit/s per drive with an average of 150 Mbit/s.

    Since build BETA the download speed maxes out on 10 Mbit/s which results in stuttering videos with PLEX and extremely slow copying.


    The number of threads doesn't seem to matter, I tried 2, but I also tried 5, 10 and 20. 

    I also tried another Google account, but that also doesn't help.


    I tried both a drive block size of 10 and 20MB, but it really seems to be a bug with the software, because changing settings doesn't help a bit, the download speed does not improve.


    - Calvin

  5. Hi Covecube,


    I use StableBit CloudDrive a lot and I really like the tool.


    Today I encountered problems because my local drive was full, there was no single megabyte storage left.

    I restarted the computer and then problems began. 

    CloudDrive can no longer mount the cloud drives, when it tries to mount, it downloads a few bytes into the cache before it resets to 0 bytes cache + saved.

    The software no longer works.


    One clouddrive of mine still had a lot of files to upload to Google Drive, so it would be a pity if those are lost.


    What can I do and how you can help me?


    - Calvin

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