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  1. v. BETA in the scanner settings window. The burst test continues to run successfully without any errors for nearly 14 hours now. The flag that it gives only lasts for a very brief period. I happened to be sitting at my computer when I got another notification email (identical to the one quoted above), and pulled up the SMART data window on the drive immediately, it looked like this: Less than a minute later, though, everything was back to being happy. The drive in question is brand new SATA III SSD, connected to a Intel SATA III controller on an Intel H67 based
  2. It is indeed running 2.5.3121 according to the Add-ins section of the dashboard. Burst test has run for the last 12 hours successfully w/no errors that I can see (and is still going). Here are the event logs for the server for the last week: https://www.dropbox.com/s/wsek9aw4qsjt44u/eventlog.evtx?dl=0(I get an error about not being allowed to upload that file type when I try to put it on the forum itself). Also I received the unstable sectors email twice since starting the burst test. Once within a few minutes, and the second ~11 hours later.
  3. So I installed that beta version, and it proceeded to rescan everything. I told it to ignore the 6 unstable sectors issue unless it gets worse, and all drives were reporting healthy. Then at around 1am (same time window as before) I get an email that the SSD has 132096 unstable sectors again. When I log into the server and pull up the dashboard this morning, it reports the SSD as healthy.
  4. I'm running the scanner on my server that's running WHS 2011. Every night I get an email about how one of my drives has 6 unstable sectors, and another drive has 132096 unstable sectors. One minute later, I get another email that only says I have one drive with 6 unstable sectors. If I log into the server and look at the dashboard it shows the latter drive has not been scanned. This has been happening every day for the better part of two weeks. Last night it happened 3 times in 3 hours. The drive that has 132096 unstable sectors (apparently for only a minute at a time) is a brand new S
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