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  1. Hello, I noticed that the latest version of the 2.x branch was labeled as final. Is the next version being worked on? Any info on future features etc. Thx
  2. Here's what I ended up doing: 1) Created new Admin account on both PCs 2) In PC with Drivepool, I took ownership of files on new account 3) then shared with old account as read only 4) left one folder as read/read in pool to transfer files to it from network 5) setup VNC for when I needed to modify read only folders remotely Not very elegant but it works.
  3. I'm in the process of setting that up now. I accidentally deleted a file from a pool; luckily I had a local backup. I think that if I: 1)set up a new account on both pcs, 2) give the new account read only permission, 3) then open explorer.exe in the other PC as that new user then, I will be able to basically browse in explorer normally without worrying about accidental deletion. I'll post later on and let you know if that worked. Maybe I shouldn't be doing all my work in my admin account, but I am:P
  4. Yeah, I know it's not a Drivepool issue, I was just wondering if anyone had found any workarounds; to see what my options were.
  5. Hello, I regularly browse my Drivepool from another computer in the network. I've noticed that if I accidentally delete a file it will not go to the recycle bin, it gets permanently deleted. I've tried setting the files in the pool to read-only, but it doesn't seem to take. They get marked as read only, but if I click delete they are deleted. Is there is there any way to get around this problem? Is there a way to view the network drive as read only? What would happen if I went into the pool folder in the host drive and changed the file attributes there, would this corrupt the file in
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