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  1. Had to build a new media server due to system age and other problems. The old system had a drivepool made up of 6 HDD's containing approximately 10.5TB of data. The new system has two HDD's (8TB and 10TB). I deactivated the license on the old system and installed drivepool, transferred license and made new pool with the two drives. These two drives now each have the "poolpart.xxx" folder. I stopped the service on both systems and began copying the contents of the old "poolpart.xxx" folders to the new "poolpart.xxx" folders. This is the only option I have as the new system does not have room to just mover the HDD's from the old to the new. I'm unclear on a couple of issues. 1) Since I'm going from 6 HDD's to 2 HDD's how do I pick which "poolpart.xxx" folder on the new system to copy the "poolpart.xxx" folder contents that are on the old system. 2) If it doesn't make any difference since I will have to run balancing, will the folders just add to each other or will they overwrite? I started with the procedure and when I placed the contents of the "poolpart.xxx" folder in the "poolpart.xxx" folder on the new machine that were from the second hard drive on the old system I got a message that I had 342 files that contained the same info. It asked if I wanted to skip these files, save them and not the existing files or keep both copies and the duplicate would have a "2" behind them. Appreciate any help you can provide. Thanks
  2. I've been using Drivepool and Scanner for quite some time on an old Windows Quad Core Pentium system I built years ago. The system finally started having issues and I finally was not able to boot into windows. I decided it was time to either build another system or purchase one already done. After searching around I decided to buy a Dell PowerEdge T30 with the Xeon E-1225v5 processor. Got a good deal on President's Day sale so I was feeling pretty good. I installed a Samsung Evo SSD 250GB for the Windows 10 OS drive. Since this system only has room for 4-6 HDD's depending on setup I went initially with a 10TB WD 5400rpm drive and will use another WD 4TB drive that I currently own. My current drivepool consists of 7 HDD's with approximately 9.6TB of data; mainly movies, TV show series and backup data from our home network. I ran Plex Media Server on the old server and will do so on this new build. I want to install Windows 10 on this Dell T30 which they don't support, but I've read where many people have done so with success. My question is regarding whether to install using MBR or GPT formats. I have always used MBR in the past and am not familiar with GPT. If I install Windows 10 on this server using GPT with this have any affect on my data and are there any guidelines I need to follow on setup using GPT? The server as stated previously will only be used for Plex and home computer backups. Thanks for the help.
  3. Sorry for the mess in the question above. My main question is after I move the drive pool drives to another pc and reactivate the pool - how to I backup the pool to an external hard drive? Do you have any backup software that you use successfully that you would recommend? Thanks for the help.
  4. Need some guidance. I had a OS drive failure which was separate from my drive pool and am unable to get the system that houses my drive pool going. The system is old and in need of either replacement or a rebuild, but in the mean time I'm trying to get by on the lowest cost. My problem is my drive pool consists of a mix of drive sizes; 1TB, 2TB and 4TB - seven drives in total. I have another pc that I could take the drive pool drives and switch them over to it to have access. At this point would it be feasible to copy the drive pool from those drives onto an external hard drive big enough to hold the entire pool, and if so how do I do this without loosing all the data? I hope this makes some sense. Thanks for the help. Another part to this question. If I can backup the drive pool drives to an external hard drive will I be able to add the data back into a new system build or could I take the hard drive out of the external drive case and just place it into the new pc. Sorry for all the confusion, but under the gun to get this back up and running. Thanks again.
  5. Thanks Rob, appreciate the help.
  6. Need some advice. I have been gone on vacation and when I returned I powered up my Plex Media Server. Needless to say it wouldn't bootup. After trying numerous attempts to get the 'ole girl to boot I decided to get a new SSD and reinstall the OS. My drivepool consists of 7 HDD's containing movies; the Windows 10 OS was on a separate SSD. Is it correct that all I need to do to preserve my data on the 7HDD's is: 1) Disconnect them from the system 2) Insert new SSD, install Windows 10 and reboot 3) Download Stablebit Drivepool and insert license 4) Power down pc and reconnect the drivepool drives 5) Restart pc At this point Drivepool should recognize the drives and all my data will be safe, correct? As far as Plex, I assume after reinstalling that program I will just have to tell it where the files reside. Thanks for the help.
  7. My PC, Windows 10 with a drivepool of 18TB has been getting progessively slower over the past few weeks. Stablebit scanner shows all drives as Healthy. I have run virus checks and all is OK. The updates are all current. I basically use the computer to store my collection of movies, rip new additions to the drive, modify them thru handbrake, then store them in the pool for access using Plex. I noticed folders started taking longer and longer to open. Ripping movies also became slower. I ran the rebalancing which seemed to help some. Two days ago I accessed Stablebit to check on the pool and noticed at the bottom of the screen where a green line usually was present it was now yellow and showed activity; measuring. I got out of the program and restarted the program. I decided to run the remeasure from the pool choices. It has been doing this now for two days. My question is this normal on a pool of this size? There are 8 drives in the pool with only one showing the line as dark; the remaining are showing a lighter color. As you can probably tell, I'm by no means a guru on Drivepool. I have owned it for several years without problem, just installed, added the drives and enjoy. Can this remeasuring be stopped without screwing up the content or do I just let it go and see what happens? Thanks
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