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    I noticed that trying to encrypt the drives individually it reports an error most likely due to the act would mess up the Pool. However I also noticed that the option is missing from the context menu when clicking on the Pool itself. So I was wondering when/if DrivePool will be compatible with BitLocker? Or should I just opt for a 3rd party solution?
  2. Been testing DrivePool and was under the impression that after removing a drive from the pool of 2 drives (that has file duplication switched on), those files would become visible and accessible via File Explorer (as usually files showin in the pool in file explorer are not visible when looking at the individual drives themselves). However i've noticed that no such files are written to the disk. So there doesn't appear to be any file duplication going on at all? I also noticed that completely removing the pool by removing the remaining drive (from a pool of 2 drives) leaves a auto-generate
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