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  1. My biggest frustration with Plex is that it's not uncommon for me to lose connectivity outside my home network.


    Emby is more alike than different, but the configuration confuses me more. I'll often run an Emby instance as a

    backup to Plex if remote connectivity is lost. 


    More often than not however if I'm going on a trip I'll just sync media to my Surface Pro4 and view it that way. 

  2. I'm slow. Knew there were a lot of Linux fans out there and I didn't understand why they kept all the old ISO's.


    I've been on Plex since leaving my O.G. X-Box with XBMC. I've got a lifetime license to Emby and just

    tried it again. It's full-featured, but just not as intuitive to me.

  3. Look up mounting drives to folders - its how i have mine


    dp does not use drive letters to find the pool drives


    programs are going to access the pool rather than the drives directly


    i have 33 drives in my DP server but am only using 4 drive letters


    Holy Cow. 33 drives.


    I have just 4 drives, but won't to see only the DrivePool letter in Windows explorer.


    I'll go ahead and hide the independent disks.


    Thanks so much. 

  4. In Windows Explorer I want to see the OS drive and my Pool only, not all the drives comprising the pool.


    I went to delete the drive letters for those drives, but it warns me some programs may not work. 


    If I do this will DrivePool still see the drives, or will it cause issues?


    I didn't want to try it and mess things up.

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