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  1. Hello everyone! First of all I want to say that I really love your products - using Scanner on 5 devices as well das Drivepool on now 3 devices. So far it's been working flawlessly. On my new machine though, which will function as a remote backup server, I have problems with Drivepool getting stuck while balancing at very low percentages between 1% and 5% roughly. At first I had added 2 x 5 TB drives and copied the majority of my files to the pool, without any problems. I then added a spare 2 TB drive to the pool and this is when the balancing problems started. On top of that, when increasing the priority of the balacning, Drivepool becomes unresponsive and crashes. All of these drives are healthy and have been running in other pools without any problems, and I have never had any balancing problems like this on other pools as well. I've tried the recent stable release of Drivepool as well as the most recent (as of today) BETA release, to no avail. :-(
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