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  1. Recently I had a pooled drive die. I removed it from DrivePool and replaced it. My pool rebuilt and everything seemed OK. I can access all the data - both reading and writing from the pool. But when I look at the individual drives, I no longer see the hidden pool folder. The drives show that they have data on them from properties, but I can seem to find that folder. I'm guessing it's some kind of weird Windows permission thing - any ideas? Note: Hidden folder view is on
  2. Makes sense. Thanks I do put data onto the existing NAS drives pretty frequently, and since they often hold very large files, the SSD optimizer does sound like a good idea overall for the new replacement pool (And I have a spare 240gb SSD).
  3. Currently I'm trying to consolidate my Plex library into one contiguous (virtual) pool. Right now I have TV and Movie content on two different RAID based NAS devices. DrivePool seems like a solid option. To that end I've ordered 2x 8tb archive drives and expect delivery today. Right now my plan is to install the 2x 8tb drives on my Windows based plex server and configure them in a pool with no duplication (initially). From there I will offload the NAS data onto the pool, and will keep those devices active in the near future to serve as a backup to the primary pool. Eventually I may add mo
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