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    I have installed the trial version of StableBit on WHS 2011 that backs up to a larger capable disk. What I've done so far: 1). added 2 2TB disks to the pool. 1 was almost full of data the other was almost empty. 2). Copied shared folders from both of the disks to the pool. 3). After copying all the data to the pool, disk space on both disks evened out (mostly). 4). None of the folders are being duplicated. I have deactivated "read stripping" and the duplicate optimizer balancer. 5). Customized WHS backup to back up the individual pooled folders without backing up the originals. Question: What happens to all of my data if 1 of the disk goes bad??? Meaning will I be able to restore the data if part of it was on the bad disk??
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