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  1. yes, when trying to rename one of the main folders on the pooled drive. I have the pooled drive set as E: But I only give users on my network and via FTP access to a folder on E: which is E:/ThePool/ I have other folders on E: that I use personally, but dont want to give other users access to. When trying to rename ThePool folder, I get the error. E:/ThePool is set as the default home folder for FileZila server.
  2. I've been using FileZilla FTP server, but even when I turn it off, I still get the same error.
  3. thanks, again, drashna. ill try and figure out which service it is. I was trying to do it locally, and I've turned off all the sharing. thought it might have been the FTP server, since that points to the same folder. certainly something I can live with, though.
  4. Transfer went fine. Added two 4TB drives to the pool with no problem. Ended up only removing one of the 2TB drives from the pool and took out a 150gb WD Raptor that wasn't really being used to its potential in my setup. Moving that to my main desktop as a work drive. I have run into one problem, though. I want to change the name of a folder that is in my pool, but I'm getting an error saying "A file or folder is being used by another program." But I don't have any other programs running (I'm in WHS2011). I presume it is one of the services or balancers or something. I saw that this was
  5. Perfectly, Drashna, thanks. I need to remove one drive from the enclosure to make room, otherwise I'd have just popped in the new drives. But the box I'm using for my server only has 6 hard drive bays, and I'm using 5 of them. So I figured I'd remove one drive from the pool first, then take it out of the box when I put in the two new ones. Between the "create duplicate files" and my own back up copies of files outside the pool, I think I have some seriously uneccesary redundancy going on. Having backups of files on the same drive, inside and outside of the pool, doesn't really help me
  6. Can't believe I'm asking this, as I'm sure I know the answer, but just want some insurance. I'm trying to wrap my head around which folders on a drive are in the pool and which aren't. I have 3 drives (h:, i:, j:) all in my pool. They were added with content already on those drives. I set up a Pool Folder (E:) , where my content that is "in the pool" lives. I also believe that I can continue to use the drives as if they were not in the pool. If I add a folder to the H: drive, it does not get added to the pool, correct? I am going to add two 4TB drives to the pool, and remove tw
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