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  1. Ok that provided some clarity. I hid the SSD after adding it to the DrivePool by removing the drive letter. That is why it didn't show up later as available for the CloudPool. Once I reassigned it a drive letter, it was again visible to be added.
  2. CloudDrive Beta, which was the standard available download as of my OP. When I go to Create New Cloud Drive > Advanced Settings > Local cache drive, only the drives not part of any DrivePool appear. In my case, only C:\ Since the SSD is part of the DrivePool (as a cache), it does not appear as an option for a CloudDrive cache. Is it possible to share same SSD as a cache for both CloudDrive and DrivePool?
  3. When I set up DrivePool, I included all drives except C: in the pool. Setting up CloudPool, I'm only given the option to select drives not used in pool as a cache. The problem is, C: is a very small drive. How can I use the same large SSD for a cache in both DrivePool and CloudPool? Normally I would partition the SSD into two sections, and use one as a cache for each service. But if I remember correctly, it is not recommended to use partitions for the DrivePool cache. What would be the best way to share the SSD?
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