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  1. The drive had a 3 year warranty from Micro Center that unfortunately ran out in December. Really sucks that I didn't look at SB Scanner earlier. Maybe I would of seen this earlier.
  2. So I ran into a very weird situation. I ran the scan on all my drives even one that SB Scanner told me ~3-4 years ago had some bad sections. I never took it out of my computer for some reason that I can't remember. Well when I ran the scanner it told me the drive I started this thread for had 22.0 KB unreadable on the disk (44 sectors). thankfully it was only 2 files affected and doing a file scan I found out it was two of my most recent 4K movies I ripped. So I'm guessing that means I'll have to go out and buy a new drive right? What sucks is this is the newer of my 3 pooled drives. Of course
  3. OMG I forgot how slow the scan can be on 3 6TB drives.
  4. Thanks for the help. I have it scanning now and will see what it says when it's done.
  5. I have both StableBit Scanner and Drivepool. Years ago I ran the scanner and it found an error and removed the drive and files. I didn't lose anything but it scared me because I didn't want to lose any data. Today I opened StableBit Scanner and got a notice of a S.M.A.R.T. Warning for one of my drives in the status row. I click on the disk and it says The on-disk S.M.A.R.T. check is not predicting imminent disk failure. However, somewell known S.M.A.R.T. attributes that are indicators of mechanical problems are showing signs that the drive could be failing. Under current prnding sector count i
  6. Thanks I tried moving a few of the sliders and will see if that works.
  7. First forgive me if this doesn't make sense. I have two 6tb drives and both of them are getting full and I'll need to get another drive soon. But until I have the money to get one, How do I tell Drivepool to use more disk space for each of the drives. Both show having around 1.80tb's left on each drive. I'm not 100% sure but I'm pretty sure my first drive got about that full when drivepool started putting my files onto the second drive. Seems like kind of a watse to have over 1tb of free space that won't get used, or over 3tb's between the two drives, if I end up getting another drive.
  8. Okay so looking through Drivepools settings I found an option that was seleted to remove data from a drive with a bad sector. Should I really be worried about a drive that only has one bad sector and have the data moved? Again this is a 6 year old drive. It would be nice to tell drive pool not to worry until a certain number of blocks are bad.
  9. So I've been using the beta version and love it so I purchased an activation along with an activation of scanner just to keep track of my drives since i have one that is 6 years old. Before using scanner my files were spread through out all three drives I have in my drivepool, 2 5TB drives and one 2TB drive. Well I've been running the scanner and it just finished scanning my 2TB drive and it found one bad block. Well I wasn't too concerned since the drive is old. Well just now I noticed that in the drive pool menu it shows that my 2TB drive is now empty. I checked the other drives and the data
  10. Drive Pool is awesome. I haven't tried duplicating for back ups yet because i don't have many drives yet. But it is great finally having one large drive for all my media. One question I have two 6TB drives and one 2 TB drive. If I want to remove the 2TB drive and put in a 6TB drive do i just move the stuff in the hidden folder to the new drive and remove the 2 tb drive?
  11. Got most everything set up. It was a whole lot easier then I thought. I don't know what I was scared of. Now to just take care of my photos and music.
  12. Thanks Chris, I'm gonna try the steps in your link for mounting drives. I was nervous because I must of misread something and thought a drive needed to be empty or fresh to mount it.
  13. Thanks, That worked just fine. It seems to be the one step that's missing in a few things I read about setting up drive pool. They mention how it works when adding TO the pool but not what to do with files already on the drive that I want added to the pool. I do have one other question, am I able to change the name of the created drive to something else other then Drive Pool just to satisfy my ocd? Can I change it to say something like Media and things still work the way they are setup now? Also one other question that I have after googling and finding an old thread on this forum, it has to d
  14. So I'm trying out drivepool before I buy it and have a question. I created a pool with two drives One has close to 6TB's of data on it and the other is a fresh drive. What I want to do is have a pooled drive for all my movies, tv shows, music, and photos. The question is how do I get the data that is already on the one drive to show up on my pooled drive? Do I just drag and drop the folders into the pool? I'm not too concerned about where the files are stored as far as which of the two drives. I just want to be able to tell Kodi, iTunes, or Lightroom this drivepool drive is where all my data i
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