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  1. Triplefun

    DIsk duplication

    I have an 8TB Seagate disk which is showing 8 'uncorrectable sectors' All my data in the drive pool is duplicated The disk currently has 4.87 TB of data. I have a usb 3.0 Sabrent dual disk caddy which has a rapid 'physical' disk duplication function If I duplicated the faulty disk to a replacement disk, would this replaced new disk be recognized as valid disk Or am I best to remove the faulty disk, add the new disk, and then let stablebit take care of balancing etc ..
  2. I have the megaraid LSI 9220 8i. It is listed as a SAS connector but accepts Sata drives. The temp and SMART are not available to stablebit scanner But the temp and SMART do indeed show up on HDD Sentinel which is shareware. http://www.hdsentinel.com/
  3. Triplefun

    2 drivepools ?

    Thanks for the update I copied the files to a spare disk, reformatted the disk, and then copied the files back to the pool All is now OK and the larger PSU (15 disks, 650w vs 450w) is making a big difference - less disk startup retries !!! But be careful, the pin settings of the cables supplied with modular power supplies vary by manufacturer And you should not just plug the old cables into the new psu
  4. Triplefun

    2 drivepools ?

    I have converted 15 x 2TB disk WHSv1 to Drivepool under Windows 2012 Server R2 All the files were duplciated Initially all worked fine until one day 4 disks all showed up as damaged Also some of the disks were not being recognized by the OS at startup So I physically removed the affected disks and have recovered most of the data on another computer using 4tB drives In many cases I can find nothing wrong with the disks which makes me think it is something else causing the problem I believe it is most likely the PSU - I was only using 450w which was probably having trouble in the in
  5. Please could you add windows 10 to your home page list of OS. I'm new to stablebit and had to search the forum to confirm w10 is indeed supported.
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