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  1. Rebuilt my system after backing up my data and when I try to add one of my disks I get an error saying "Sequence contains no elements." Also noticed that the drive shows up in disk management but not under this PC. I can assign it a drive letter and then it shows up and I can add files to it, but still same error when adding it to my pool. This is a new pool I'm setting up, I have a 3tb and 2tb drives running a fresh install of Windows 8.1.
  2. Pretty much all it will be doing is shared folders, that's all I did with my N40L and WHS2011.
  3. Well my little HP M40L finally died and didn't think it was worth getting a new mother board at $165. It was running WHS2011 but it just felt slow and bloated, so I installed Windows 8.1 on a spare 240gb SSD, setup DrivePool and was back in business and what a difference, maybe I fried the MB with the new speed. So I picked up an ipen boxed HP ML10 v2 with 4gb ram and the i3 processor. After reading aroung there a re a few tricks to install windows 8, apparently it's not a supported OS, yea I know I bought a "server" so I should be running a server OS. But I like the simplicity of DrivePool and I don't really want to start messing with raids with mixed capacity drives. SO is the ML10 v2 with the i3 overkill? I was tempted to grab a desktop AMD board and processor, because of the price, pull the 8gbs form my 40L and get a Lian Li PC-Q25B case and rebuild. BUt I don't think it would have been as cheap as the HP ML10.
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