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  1. I migrated 8 disks that were in a single pool to a new machine (Win8.1 to Server 2019). The new machine has recognized two pools, one with 5 disks and another with 3. Unfortunately, the 3 disks are large, so I just can't copy the content over to the 5-disk pool and merge the 3 disks back in. Is there a way to say "merge the pools"?
  2. Greg_R

    Windows 10 support etc

    Thanks Drashna, That procedure got it working. However, I had problems with the step to "Reset DrivePool v2.x settings". There doesn't seem to be a troubleshooting menu under the gear icon. Is this step still required? Greg
  3. Greg_R

    Windows 10 support etc

    Hi, I installed the beta on windows 10 version 10586.104 on a new machine. I had 5 drives from a different computer that I moved into the new machine and I pooled them. I see the pool and it's reporting the used/free space correctly. However, when I double click on the drive icon there are no files present (and it says this folder is empty). Is there a possible security issue because I swapped these drives from a different machine? Should I expect to see all the content once the "Pool Organization" bar in the software is green or do I need to wait (overnight?)
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