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  1. I left both the options (Force damaged removal & Duplicate files later) unticked. The folder it left was PoolPart.37a4d1ae-928b-48f8-b06b-13e27c5142fc and it contains a number of folders/files from the pool. The disk has just full as prior to removal, like the files were copied not moved? I'm assuming that this is OK to wipe and no data will be lost as it was all copied across to the new one.
  2. I had stablebit scanner start to report errors on one of my pool drives so I thought I'd take proactive measures and replace it prior to failure. I placed a new drive in the pool and then removed the old drive from the pool so it could be pensioned off. After the removal process I noticed that there were still a lot of files on the removed drive, including the pool information folder. Is this normal? I was expecting the files on the old drive to be migrated off leaving no files behind once the drive was removed from the pool.
  3. Thanks for that. I thought that would be the case, but it doesn't hurt to confirm. Just migrating from WHS V1 to a Win10 box using Drivepool. Taking the opportunity to reorganise my drives.
  4. I know this is probably a really basic question, and I think I know the answer, but just to confirm... Does it matter if you rearrange the SATA ports a pool are plugged in to? For example, if you remove the drives and reinstall them, say to move to a new case, does each drive have to plug back in the same SATA port, or can they just plug in anywhere and DrivePool recognise where everything is? I'm guessing that where the disks are plugged in doesn't matter, but I just want to confirm. Thanks
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