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  1. tman

    Pool down

    I think I've lost some files, but I did as you said and just pulled the drive. I added one of the new ones, and the pool started to recover. I also took the opportunity to upgrade to the latest DrivePool/Scanner (which do look a lot nicer!), and it picked up the pool fine. Fortunately, most of my critical files were in mirrored folders, so the re-mirroring process recovered them. One question. Aware that I've lost files, but browsing through the unmirrored areas, I can't actually see anything missing. I have a feeling though I'm just seeing file placeholders and the actual data won't be there - correct? Is the only way of knowing which files to recover going to require me to try and access the failed disk?
  2. tman

    Pool down

    I've been running the original Drivepool WHS2011 plugin for a few years now. There are 5 disks in my pool, and things have generally been fine... up until now. Three drives in the pool (all Seagates!) have been reporting SMART problems recently. I've three new (non-Seagates!) ready to replace them, but one of the drives has now gone into a SMART unhealthy state (I also run Scanner). The pool now won't come up properly, and files are inaccessible. I'm trying to start a 'replace drive' operation on the unhealthy disk, but that's proving problematic. All of the total amounts for the various folders are missing in the DrivePool tab, but it does show 5 disks in the pool. Pool status is stuck at 'measuring 0.1%. I do have backups - thankfully, but what's the best course of action? I can just pull the unhealthy drive, but that's not going to help with the pool state. I'm not sure if there's any way to do this 'cleanly'. Absolute worst case, I'm going to have the blitz the pool, add the new disks, recreate and restore, but that sounds pretty extreme.
  3. tman

    3TB drive problem

    Thanks. I guessed the 2TB limit wasn't an issue, but I thought I'd ask. I have all the pool drives connected via SATA cables straight from the motherboard. All other drives are working fine. When I was having the problems adding the drive to the pool yesterday, there were some event log errors on the server; Event ID: 57 The system failed to flush data to the transaction log. Corruption may occur Not a good message to get, but in all the testing I've done today (inc a full surface scan which took 6 hours), not one error or message about the 3TB drive. Interesting thought about the SATA cable. Part of my troubleshooting was to reseat all DIMM's and unplug/clean/reseat the SATA cables. All checkout ok, but replacing the cable might be an option.
  4. tman

    3TB drive problem

    I've been running a pool of 5 x 2TB Seagates for the last couple of years (WHS2011, Dashboard add-in, latest version). This has been working ok, until I had a predictive failure warning on one of the drives. I removed the drive from the pool, and replaced the Seagate with WD Red 2TB NAS drive. This added back into the pool fine, and all was good. About a week ago, another Seagate started reporting SMART errors (I also run Scanner), so I planned to replace this too, but this time I bought a WD Red 3TB NAS Drive. I removed the failing drive again, and installed the new 3TB drive. It was detected ok, although initially it appeared as an MBR drive (odd), and scanner just showed it as 'Disk Drive', and not the proper device name, but the re-balance started anyway. During the re-balance though, the drive dropped out of the pool. No errors as such, but it did. I rebooted the server, and it appeared in the pool again. I restarted the re-balance, but it dropped out again. I then tried removing the drive from the pool, which I eventually did after some effort, and did some tests on the drive. First, I wiped it, then initialized it as a GPT drive, then I added it back into the pool. Again, it appeared ok, this time with the proper device name, and I tried re-balancing again. This time, the whole server pretty much locked up during this process, and it took me a few hours to get it stable again. The 3TB drive is still connected, but not part of the pool. I've run various tests on it, and all complete ok with no errors. So, I don't really know what the problem is. I know there's a 2TB limit in WHS2011 for each volume, but I didn't think this applied to DrivePool. It could be a faulty disk, in which case I'll have to get it replaced, but it does look ok from the tests I've done. Anyone have any thoughts?
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