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  1. That said, the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen8 boxes are fantastic little prebuilt boxes that are very close in form factor to what you have.



    Now I'm in doubt if go with a New HP where I have to also find the license and some HD or go for an used one, older but already with Win7 Pro and 2T http://www.subito.it/vi/189342896.htm


    Hp ProLiant Microserver N36L 

     2 Hard disk of 1Tb total 2Tb 

    2gb Ram DDR3 ECC 

  2. Crazy idea to check if the DrivePool works for me.

    Can I

    1) set-up single WHS drive in a shared drive

    2) mount shared drive in my Win 10 PC

    3) Create a pool with this network drive using DrivePool on my Win 10PC

    4) Test if the products work for me


    Do you think it's feasible or create duplication over the network would be very slow?



  3. Well, DrivePool doesn't allow you to specify files for the duplication level. It's done on the folder level. 


    Yeah,exactly what I need.

    At the moment I have in WHS Photos, Music, Videos, Documents, Software everything duplicated once.

    I would like to increase the redundancy for Photos and Videos to 3 copies.

    In addition what I don't like from WHS is that I don't know exactly in which HDD my 2 copies are. Instead I would like if possible 2 copies of everything on the 2 largest HD. The third smaller HD should contain the third copy of Photos and Videos



  4. Really super basic.


    Once a week I sync my desktop (Google Drive) with the server.

    Once a month I create an external backup from the server


    That's all I do. The H340 does the job still fine. I wanted just to the test drivePool to increase the number of folder duplication for some type of files



  5. Thanks a lot.

    I will probably proceed with the 2 systems in parallel two avoid any loss.

    I have all WHS 1 backed up so I can recreate the new system from a backup and later check that WHS1 and the new one are aligned before start cancelling WHS1


    Thanks a lot, now I start to find an old MS license to make the all process not too expensive

  6. Dear all,

    after having read a lot about drive pool, I'm thinking to updade my old WHS 1.

    I have a very limited uses case.


    1) Every week I sync all my files from main PC to the server

    2) I would like to set-up redundant policy by folder (drive pool should be able to do it)

    3) Every month I make a backup on an external hard drive to keep it in a different physical location


    Considering I would like 4 HD, 1 SSD for the system and 3 HD for the pool ( i could use the same I have in WHS 1) to have 3 duplication for top files, what do you suggest as hardware?




  7. Thanks, I actually got to know you because of We Got Served: indeed very well done.

    I have very limited functionalities needed: duplication 2/3 ways and external backup of the pool.


    I might consider to modify an old desktop with with 7



  8. Dear all,

    I'm an happy user of WHS v1.

    I have very basic needs 

    - File duplication on the WHS

    - External backup that I keep in a different house/city


    At the moment WHS v1 works perfectly with DE and Backup.

    I would like to add an additional layer of security and having for top folders a 3 way duplication on the WHS instead of a simple duplication.


    I saw very interesting feature of Drive Pool and I wonder if anyone is using it successfully on WHS v1. I'm not considering an update since I'm fine the current set-up at the moment


    Cheers, thanks


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