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    Simple Questions?

    Thanks everyone for your responses. Reading through and thinking about things, I think it's probably a "push" on aggressive balancing vs. letting DrivePool decide where things should go. To clarify - Henrik - the behavior you describe (adding new files to the pool --> to the new drive) is not what is happening. New files added are being added to the largest drive (perhaps because it has more free space than the other drive with 0% utilized) rather than the empty drive. I decided to impose a lower "limit" to fill a drive before diverting data - i.e. instead of waiting unti
  2. rmf1981

    Simple Questions?

    I have what I think is a simple question ... Happily running Stablebit Drivepool now for about a month, new whs 2011. Runs great, no issues. As far as balancing go, I have noted other topics that said that it was not balancing. I have seen your replies that basically said there is a high threshold to trigger rebalancing. All of that makes sense. I know you offer the equalizer plug in as well for those that want a truly even distribution across disks. My question is this: 1) My current pool is only about 33% full at this point. I recently added a new drive to the pool.
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