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  1. Thanks for responding. So if I understand right you are saying that I can use the "File Placement Limiter" to keep the duplicate files out of the poolparts directory, or organize them so they are not included in a server backup? "As for changing the folder structure..." I did not mean to drastically change the folder structure, only put the duplicates in their own dir so they are separate from the rest of the files so they won't be backed up with a server backup. Thanks
  2. I am currently evaluating Drivepool and Drivebender and I notice that you both have the same problem with Server backups in that you both backup duplicates. So I will ask the same question here that I asked over there, how hard would it be to put the duplicates in a completely different folder structure so that it is easily unchecked when choosing which folders to backup? This new folder would, preferably, be outside the poolparts folder, or if it is inside that folder it could be like poolpartsxxx/duplicates. This way we can just unselect one folder and it removes all the duplicates from the backup. Thanks and I look forward to your response.
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