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  1. It's uninstalled now, but it didn't look as though the Control Panel version was accurate (it was 1.0.463 or something along those lines in the Control Panel) - but I'm confident what I had installed was a very recent version. I'm going to reinstall tomorrow, is there a specific build you recommend at this point? See my comments earlier in this same thread from November where .417 worked but newer builds than that were unstable. Thanks.
  2. Hi Christopher, thanks for the help. I'm uploading the MEMORY.DMP right now. How do I check which specific version of CloudDrive is installed?
  3. Hi guys, so I just looked at starting over on my DrivePool setup and again the latest version of CloudDrive is causing BSODs - I just went to uninstall it and got a BSOD. Any thoughts as to what's currently stable? Edit: this is the opposite of confidence-inspiring. Now stuck in uninstall hell - I can't uninstall it because it BSODs, I can't stop the service manually because it BSODs.
  4. Thanks for pointing me to this! I just tried installing the latest, then the second-latest x64 builds ( and; 419 caused a bluescreen immediately after install, and on both 419 and 418 apparently the service is crashing. Is there a recent version known to be more stable? Thanks! Edit: Stepped back to .417 x64 and it seems to be both working as well as potentially having rectified the Dropbox issue. Will continue to do some due diligence here - thanks for the help!
  5. I'm on BETA according to the app - just downloaded it yesterday, fresh install. Looks like that's the current version at least via the StableBit site?
  6. Hi all, I'm trying to create a CloudDrive store on Dropbox with my 1TB Dropbox account. I go to create the drive, it looks as though it's allocating, and then in the notifications tray in the top left of CloudDrive I get a red error - Not Authorized - "Drive (X:\) - <name> is not authorized with Dropbox." It presents a link to Reauthorize, and I attempt to do so, and it appears successful - and then the error occurs again in CloudDrive almost immediately. Does this matter? I haven't tried storing any data yet on the drive. Thanks!
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