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  1. I am using Scanner (, so that may be part of the problem. The cloud drive doesn't appear in the list of drives in Scanner, but am I to understand it scans it anyways? The network activity on cloud drive was constant for 48 hours - it just kept streaming a download thread at approx. 10 Mb/s and never allowed my local drives to spin down. I had a previous build of Cloud Drive installed about a month and a half ago and didn't experience this issue. In any case I "destroyed" the drive this morning and am rebuilding it from scratch. If I experience the same issue again I will update Sc
  2. I reinstalled .441 on Saturday and created a cloud drive using Google Drive. I added the cloud drive to my drive pool and used file placement and duplication rules to put a fourth copy of data that is stored locally on three separate drives on to the cloud drive. Configured this way, about 60 GB of data uploaded to the cloud that night. However, ever since the data was uploaded CloudDrive indicates that it is downloading from the cloud at a constant rate of about 6-15 Mbits/s using one thread. It never stops and has been constant for the past 36 hours or so. Beyond the issue of perpetual
  3. Yeah, I guess I'm not clear on what would cause the pool condition to be "unhealthy" or why doing this would violate balancing rules if you configured them correctly. The only balancers I use are StableBit Scanner, Prevent Drive Overfill, and Duplication Space Optimizer in that priority. I find it pretty straight forward to just set the folder duplication and then direct the pool to place folders only on the drives I want. I realize my pool may be relatively simple as it consists of only 4 local drives (single volume on each) and one cloud drive - but this has been a straightforward way to
  4. So, I might be misunderstanding what you are attempting to do but from what it sounds like, I was under the impression I had done this exact thing (except 4,3,1 if you will). In drivepool, I selected the desired folders to be duplicated 4 times under file protection. Then under Balancing > File Placement I selected those folders to be placed on 3 local drives and 1 cloud drive by selecting the drives in the "file placement options" section. Now I was under the impression that this would result in one copy of the folders being placed on each of the four designated drives. After balancing
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