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    Wrong place to post this sorry, will repost.
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    This may be a silly question. But where in the UI can I find out what version of Drive Pool I am running? David
  3. OK, I feel dumb. It was the Stablebit Scanner that was not allowing me to delete that folder. I stopped that and was able to delete it and reboot. Now it looks normal again. I hope the logs I sent can shed some light on what happened. David
  4. I did as asked. But, there were no files in the error log folder. I have the entire "Service" folder zipped for you. I could not delete all files from the Program Data folder as windows reports some being in use. I tried rebooting and then tried deleting again with the same thing. There are just some things I can't delete. At this time I still have the same issues. Drives 1 and 3 are showing as being both pooled and non-pooled. If I tried to add one of these non-pooled drives I get an error message telling me that I can't add a pooled drive twice. Same goes for free space, even through the numbers have changed some there are still a few hundred gigs difference between the two. the zip file was sent via the "contact us" form as I can't attache the .rar file here. David
  5. I just bought DP a few days ago. It is working well but today I have seen a few strange things. 1st is that it is showing pooled drives as non pooled and pooled at the same time. 2nd the amount of free space reported by DP and the free space reported by Windows show a large discrepancy. See attached screen shot. Thanks David
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