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  1. Thx Jaga! Yes, that would be a nice option.
  2. HI all, I searched through the forum but didn't find any solution. I have 7 disks in my DrivePool pool and I'm using one drive of that pool to store other stuff than what I have in the pool (and that I didn't want in the pool). My issue is that DrivePool is using all the disk space of that drive and does not let me enough space for my out-of-the-pool folder. How to "limit" or "reduce" the total amount on that drive for DrivePool ? I'm not an expert of DrivePool honestly. Through a File placement rule ? But how ? In my pool I have all possible file types... Thx fo
  3. Solved. I forced a re-measurement and change some duplication settings and it unblocks the pool organization. Now DP is in duplication mode: I think it has figured out what was the issue and is fixing the duplication. Closed.
  4. HI all, I just lost one disk. Then tried to remove it from the pool but without success. Always got errors (cannot access the disk). After having tried all the options of removal without success, I simply remove it from my pc. Now, after a reboot, DP stays stuck on "Pool organization" and mentioning "Incoherent duplication". What does it mean ??? What should I do? That's several hours that it remains on the same status. If I reboot, I got the same results. My idea was simply to remove the duplication and then put it back again, but as I've lost a disk, I'm just afraid to lose
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