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  1. Below are my drives, Disk 1 & 3 are having weird issues. To begin with Disk 1 is an older disk that's been in the pool for a while, however the balancing was off. After replacing Disk 3 with a new disk (due to failure) the balancing was off on it as well. I removed both drives and re-added them, now both drives appear as they do in the first screenshot. The last 5 screenshots are the balancer settings - I'm pretty sure these are right. I am trying to get Unduplicated and duplicated data equal across all drives. Any ideas? All drives appear as healthy in StableBit. Cheers http://i.imgu
  2. I am trying to remove a damaged disk from the pool. I was able to move un-duplicated files off the drive and onto 3 new 3TB drives but duplicated files still remain on the drive. Is it possible to simply unplug the disk and once the PC boots back up DrivePool will reduplicate the files set for duplication? Cheers
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