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  1. If you're accessing the contents of the "PoolPart" folders, then StableBit DrivePool is not involved at all.  


    no no no  :)  I was trying to backup folders but from the Drivepool "virtual" HD letter directly.


    Anyway I will give a try to others simple copying programs you did give as example.

    Acronis is adding a layer of unedeed software that I like less and less...


    Thanks a lot again for your prompt assistance.

  2. Hello,

    if I use Acronis True Image to backup some folder on my pool onto a HD outside the pool, is it supposed to work without issue?


    Because I did tried and for some reason it is abnormaly slow to start the backup (most of the time I did cancel it).


    At first I thought it could be the "bypass file system filter" option that was the problem, so I did disabled it : same ultra slow result.


    The other thing I can think of is that I use Windows 10 insider but only "slow ring" version not fast one.


    So maybe it is absolutly not related with DrivePool but I prefer to ask  :)




    Edit : maybe there is other way to get a copy done each month or week of this pool folders without using Acronis and only with playing with DrivePool balancing options?

  3. Hello, sorry for the late reply.

    At the time the server crashed (and when the dump was created) it was running "standard" Windows 10 64bit.

    That's only after having tried a lot of thing that I decided to go on fast ring and even on this fresh install I did managed to reproduce the crash.

    On this new install, Bitdefender wasn't yet installed but only DrivePool and eventlog report was still showing this 2 errors.


    But Bitdefender was installed on clients (Windows 10 64bit fastring).


    So it would mean that a client running Bitdefender would be able to crash the DrivePool server without BitDefender?  :mellow:

  4. I don't know if you had a look to my mem dump but anyway I decided to reinstall Windows.

    I did sign for insider fast ring, as the last insider is very close to the august Redstone version.


    To be more specific I did let the insider update proceed then I did reset Windows to start as clean as possible.


    Installed again DrivePoll and it find itself my pool of 4 disks and everything looks ok, but I still face envent log errors and sadly managed to crash the server again.


    This time I think I have norrow down the root of the issue : sharing this whole DrivePool disk.


    It was working ok for month but now, sharing DrivePool letter and then accessing it from other PC crash the server.

  5. I was using Windows 10 current version.

    I am uploading the memory dump.



    So far here is what I have done (take a sit :D ) :


    -clean uninstalled both DP and Scanner

    -cleaned registry

    -reinstalled only DP latest beta

    -uninstalled Bitedefender Total Security (Control pannel/remove program + specific uninstaller)

    -uninstalled Malware Byte  (Control pannel/remove program + specific uninstaller)

    -removed folder associations between my hard drives and folders (was done to say to my AV to not scan those folders but rather scan DrivePool drive)

    -run chkdsk /spotfix on my c drive

    -run SFC /SCANNOW : it did come with some errors probably due to recent crashs

    -run a second time SFC /SCANNOW : perfect, no error.

    -run chkdsk /spotfix on my c drive

    -uninstalled maybe 25 drivers to restore Windows 10 defaults one

    -installed most recent drivers for each device even includind some firmwares

    -flashed my mobo bios to latest version

    -upgraded my Windows 10 to the latest slow ring insider preview



    no luck, I still get those 2 event errors.

    I didn't manage to crash the server again, but I am not sure why...


    I hope my memory dump would say something to you.

    I will wait for you to have a quick look at it but I plan to reinstall Windows at this point.

  6. I don't know what is happening, maybe a recent AV update but my server crash when I access some share folders.


    The first time I did noticed it, I was doing some work on Photoshop, tried to save my file so it opened the last used folder, witch was on the server share and photoshop was kind of frozen.

    I tried to remote desktop to rhe server and noticed it has just rebooted.


    Whent to event log, a dmp file was created and few errors related to DrivePool.

    I tried to read the .dmp and it says it can't load symbols covefs.sys.


    Here are log events :


     Event 1 :



    CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter+ReporterLogException: {reporter_exception}
       à CoveTroubleshooting.Reporter.ThrowLogReportN(Exception TheException, Object[] TheParams)
       à CoveUtil.ErrorReporting..(Exception )
     Event 2 :
    Error report file saved to:
    C:\ProgramData\StableBit DrivePool\Service\ErrorReports\ErrorReport_2016_07_05-05_11_42.9.saencryptedreport
    System.InvalidOperationException: Not enough data returned.
       à #zcc.#C1b.#tKb[#wKb](SafeFileHandle , Int32 )
       à DrivePoolService.Pool.CoveFsDriver.FsControl.#sZc()
       à DrivePoolService.Pool.CoveFsPool.#9bf.#uZc()
       à CoveUtil.ReportingAction.Run(Action TheDangerousAction, Func`2 ErrorReportExceptionFilter)

    I attached a few error reports in the zip


    Let me know if you need the memmory dump, it's 200MB compressed.


  7. Well, is there a compelling reason to stop using the 4TB drives?


    Well, they are still under warranty for 16 month (3 years total on RED drives) and I prefer to sell them now, it would be easier and I would get more money of it  ;)


    6 TB new one will come with a "fresh" 3 years warranty :) , kind of turn over, use slightly less power per TB, be a litle faster.


    I am also thinking to get a backup of the pool or at least part of it on 2x8TB drives. I probably won't go with Archive one even if they are cheaper but NAS one and those still cost a lot...


    The idea is that I don't want to go with 24 HDD, 24 SATA cables, massive enclosure, massive PSU, big UPS.... you see?


    I am working at human scale, not Google's one  :D

  8. Hi,

    my pool is made of 5x4TB + 3x240GB SSD cache.

    I have had a very good deal on 6TB RED drives, so I will move my data to 3x6TB, maybe 4x6TB.


    My data are x2 or x3 duplicated on the current pool.


    What would be the best, most secured approach to move data? If needed, all disks : 3SSD+ 4x5TB +4x6TB can be pluged at the same time on my SAS expander.


    I guess the first thing would be use Scanner on all new HDDs.

    Then can I simply "Add" to the pool one 6TB then "Remove" one 4TB? and so on?




  9. Christopher or Alex, did you had the time to check how single write (x1) is managed by SSD pluggin when multiples SSD are used as cache?

    I can confirm that always the same SSD is used if you make a copy to a pool with xxx SSD.

    I think you anderstand that this lead to wear on this SSD rather than dispatch the write, one time one SSD 1, an other time on SSD 2 and so on.

    I guess a simple random choice will do the trick, but maybe it is more compicated to code, I don't know.

  10. Yes Red are very power efficient, maybe the best of all HDD but if I use half number of HDs...

    RED 4TB :

    Peak : 1.75A

    Read/Write : 4.5W

    Idle : 3.3W

    Sleep : 0.4W


    Seagate Archive 8TB :

    Peak : 2A

    Read/Write : 7.5W, normalized to 4TB = 3.75W

    Idle : 5W, normalized to 4TB = 2.5W

    Sleep : 0.9W, normalized to 4TB = 0.45W


    4 RED : 7A, 18W, 13.2W, 1.6W

    2 Seagate : 4A, 15W, 10W, 1.8W


    I know things are more complex (1 Red read/write will be better than 1 Seagate archive read/write) but....



    Edit : @Christopher talking about SSD plugin by any chance, did you find the time to make it not using always the same SSD when multiple SSDs are used?

    Maybe my solution is to simple to work but if the plugin could just randomly choose one of the SSDs this would help to reduce wear occuring always on the same SSD ;-)

  11. I wonder if with SSD pluggin acting as write cache they couldn't be use for more general purpose like storing family pictures/movies that can be sometimes deleted, created.

    My actual setup use 4x4TB WD Red + 1 4TB Green and 3x240GB SSD as cache. The more I think to it the more I wonder if its not a waste of money and power draw.

    Maybe with 3x8TB archive drives + 3x240GB SSD I wouldn't see any difference with my actual setup... :huh:

  12. I am uploading the logs.

    Here is what I did :

    - started DrivePool log

    - copied 18GB movie to a x1 DrivePool folder

    - waited for SSD cache to write it to HD

    - copied the same movie from the same source to a x3 DrivePool folder

    - waited for SSDs cache to write it to HDs witch took longer since SSDs are emptied one by one.


    I hope it could help.



    EDIT : uploading done.

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