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  1. And... never mind. I think I figured out the problem and it was an "interpretation" problem. The Console Alert wasn't referring to the DrivePool, but to a hard drive on one of the machines that was being backed up. Both the server and the machine had a "Z" drive. I wasn't aware of the Z drive on the other computer and I assumed (albeit falsely) that the only Z drive on my network was the one on the server which was assigned to the drive pool. Sorry for the confusion...
  2. Okay, in the Dashboard.log file, I found an entry that tells when the event was fired: [7188] 130703.200145.3240: AlertsViewer: UpdateItem COSMOS 7/1/2013 7:29 PM,Free space is low on hard drives Now for the trick question, why? I'm not seeing anything in the logs (and there are a log of them) around that time that look related... @drashna, I would be glad to upload to Dropbox. In the meantime, I'm going to email Covecube support.
  3. So, after I posted on June 28th that the message went away, I left the server alone. I.e. no new data. Today, when I signed on the "Free space is low on hard drives" message is now back. I don't exactly know when the message appeared (since I haven't used the server in a couple of days), but I'll keep an eye on it. I did click on the refresh button in the alert viewer to see if the message would disappear (since I verified that there is indeed plenty of space and the screen shots I provided earlier are essentially the same) and the message did not disappear. That said, does anyone
  4. Well, maybe I didn't wait long enough... I just checked and the alert appears to have cleared itself. Maybe I put too much on the drive too quickly and I needed to wait 24 hours for the system to catch up? In any case, the alert is gone now, but if anyone has any insight, I would be interested to hear!
  5. Hello, I have a drive pool set up with 4 2TB drivers for a total of 7451.4GB. I copied about 200GB last night to the pool. This morning there was an error in my alert viewer: Free space is low on hard drives The following hard drives have less than 10% of free space: Z:\ When I check the pool, it shows the capacity of 7451.4GB, the Used space as 3610.3GB and Free space as 3841.1GB. Unless my math is really screwy, I have way more than 10% free. Looking at the Stablebit DrivePool dashboard, I'm just shy of 50%. I rebooted several times and I rescanned my storage. Has any
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