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  1. Hi, I am currently using a raid5 hardware box which i have encrypted with truecrypt. The read/write speed is perfect, but the hardware is not very reliable. I want to replace that with an jbod box and clouddrive for encryption and drivepool, well for pooling. because I want single disks to still be usable on their own, I intent to create a encrypted "clouddrive" with local disk provider on every disk and then pool them. But I am concerned about the many layers. I have an file based system (pool) on top of an block level device (cloud) on top of a standard file system again on bloc
  2. I have similar problems. 1. I created a disk on the local disk with cache size: None. But I still have to choose a cache dir. The data junks reside in the "StableBit CloudDrive Data ([...])" folder on one hdd, and the cache in "CloudPart.[...]". There are no files on the new disk. The data folder is 10GB (the size of the disk), which I understand must be preallocated BUT the cache dir is also 10GB. Why is there a cache at all for a local disk. 2. Dropbox 2GB disk, cache dir is 1gb according to settings. but cache is 2gb on hdd.
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